Module containing DSC resources for deployment and configuration of Windows Server Failover Cluster.

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Install-Module -Name xFailOverCluster -RequiredVersion 1.15.0

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Install-PSResource -Name xFailOverCluster -Version 1.15.0

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DesiredStateConfiguration DSC DSCResourceKit DSCResource


xCluster xClusterDisk xClusterNetwork xClusterPreferredOwner xClusterProperty xClusterQuorum xWaitForCluster


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## [1.15.0] - 2021-02-19

### Added

- xFailOverCluster
 - Add the module MarkdownLinkCheck to dependent modules to active the
   markdown link tests.
 - Added the filetypes to the file `.gitattributes` according to the
   Plaster template.
 - Update examples to be ready to be published to the PowerShell Gallery.
 - Added a CONTRIBUTING.md.
 - Replaced module CommonResourceHelper with the PowerShell Gallery module
   DscResource.Common v0.2.0.
 - Adding back publishing code coverage to Codecov.io.
   - Add status badge for Codecov.io in README.md.
   - Fix Azure Pipelines code coverage ([issue #236](https://github.com/dsccommunity/xFailOverCluster/issues/236)).

### Changed

- xFailOverCluster
 - Renamed `master` branch to `main` ([issue #246](https://github.com/dsccommunity/xFailOverCluster/issues/246)).
 - Updated the CI pipeline files to the latest template.
 - Changed unit tests to handle missing DscResource.Test better.
 - Changed the Code of Conduct to the one adopted by DSC Community.
 - Added `.markdownlint.json` to get the correct settings for the
   MarkdownLint VS Code extension.
 - Changed Visual Studio Code settings to the file `settings.json` according
   to the Plaster template.
 - Set `testRunTitle` for PublishTestResults task so that a helpful name is
   displayed in Azure DevOps for each test run.
 - Set a display name on all the jobs and tasks in the CI pipeline.
 - The deploy step is now only run when merged to branch `master` in the
   DSC Community upstream repository (not to branch `master` in a fork
   which always failed due to missing credentials).
 - Only run the CI pipeline on branch `master` when there are changes to
   files inside the `source` folder.
 - Changed integration tests to run on a a build image with Windows Server
   2019 since the one we previously used was removed from Azure Pipelines ([issue #233](https://github.com/dsccommunity/xFailOverCluster/issues/233)).
 - Updated CI pipeline to get version from the property `NuGetVersionV2`.
 - Pin Pester to 4.10.1 in `RequiredModule.psd1` since the tests does
   not support Pester 5.
 - Updated repository to use the latest version of the module ModuleBuilder.

### Fixed

- xFailOverCluster
 - The component `gitversion` that is used in the pipeline was wrongly configured
   when the repository moved to the new default branch `main`. It no longer throws
   an error when using newer versions of GitVersion.
 - Added CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md file, and a 'Code of Conduct' section in the
 - Improved CI pipeline
   - Renamed the jobs
   - Splitting up the testing in different jobs.
 - URLs in the module manifest pointed in the wrong direction.
 - Changed the encoding that will be used by ModuleBuilder (`UTF-8`).
 - URLs to examples in README.md didn't take account for new folder
 - Release pipeline stopped working in some circumstances, workaround is
   to pin ModuleBuilder to version `1.0.0` for now.
   *There is an issue with ModuleBuilder with preview strings using dash,*
   *e.g. `fix0008-9`. The string is compliant with SemVer 2.0 but there*
   *is a bug in `Publish-Module` that prevents the module to be released.*
 - Added code coverage reporting to Azure DevOps.
 - Update status badges in README.md.
 - Replaced section 'Branches' with section 'Releases' in README.md.
 - Pull request and issue template got minor updates.
 - Update module manifest exporting resources and fixed style.
 - Update GitVersion.yml with the correct regular expression.
 - Fix import statement in all tests, making sure it throws if module
   DscResource.Test cannot be imported.
 - Update the deploy stage so that it is skipped when merging
   branch master in forks.
- xClusterPreferredOwner
 - Fixed broken links to examples in README.md.
- xClusterQuorum
 - Fixed broken link to examples in README.md ([issue #208](https://github.com/dsccommunity/xFailOverCluster/issues/208)).
- CommonResourceHelper
 - Added `en-US` localization folder to pass PSSA rule.
- xCluster
 - Added script file information to the example `1-CreateFirstNodeOfAFailoverCluster.ps1`.
 - Fixed Describe-block descriptions ([issue #234](https://github.com/dsccommunity/xFailOverCluster/issues/234)).
 - Made DomainAdministratorCredential optional ([issue #164](https://github.com/dsccommunity/xFailOverCluster/issues/164))

### Removed

- Removed the file `Deploy.PSDeploy.ps1` since it is not longer used by
 the build pipeline.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.16.1 63,804 5/24/2022
1.16.0 1,727,715 3/17/2021
1.16.0-previ... 13 3/17/2021
1.15.0 (current version) 7,073 2/19/2021
1.15.0-previ... 13 2/19/2021
1.15.0-previ... 23 12/29/2020
1.15.0-previ... 105 2/6/2020
1.15.0-previ... 22 2/1/2020
1.14.2-previ... 23 1/13/2020
1.14.2-previ... 13 1/13/2020
1.14.2-previ... 16 1/6/2020
1.14.2-previ... 16 1/3/2020
1.14.2-previ... 14 12/18/2019
1.14.2-previ... 12 12/18/2019
1.14.1 111,113 12/18/2019
1.14.1-previ... 13 12/18/2019
1.14.1-previ... 12 12/18/2019
1.14.0 266 12/17/2019
1.14.0-previ... 12 12/17/2019 25,338 9/19/2019 50,122 1/10/2019 1,652 10/25/2018 21,144 3/22/2018 7,975 2/8/2018 6,040 8/23/2017 944 7/12/2017 15,210 12/14/2016 1,933 8/10/2016 355 6/29/2016 347 5/18/2016 322 3/31/2016
1.1.1 1,116 5/13/2014
1.1 117 4/8/2014
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