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By: | 1,635,102 downloads | Last Updated: 11/15/2023 | Latest Version: 1.5.4

A cross-platform helper module for PowerShell.

By: | 1,667,999 downloads | Last Updated: 5/29/2017 | Latest Version: 1.0.29

This module assists software deployment administrators in deploying disparate software. It is designed to provide a standard interface to treat software installers of all types exactly the same.

By: | 355,634 downloads | Last Updated: 3/23/2022 | Latest Version: 4.8.5

Powershell Logging Module

By: | 421,877 downloads | Last Updated: 2/16/2022 | Latest Version: 1.0.24

'Generic PoSh Tools'

By: | 209,866 downloads | Last Updated: 3/1/2021 | Latest Version: 0.0.61

Install and configure software, environment and registry settings

By: | 103,865 downloads | Last Updated: 1/10/2020 | Latest Version:

This is intended for Lemontree Use only. USE EVERYTHING AT YOUR OWN RISK! I can not imagine this has any use for anyone besides the employees of Lemontree.

By: | 38,050 downloads | Last Updated: 11/15/2021 | Latest Version: 1.0

Automates the PSWindowsUpdate module to install OS updates with logging

By: | 37,942 downloads | Last Updated: 4/28/2023 | Latest Version: 23.4.28

Removes apps included in Windows 11/10. Run with -help or no arguments for usage.

By: | 29,174 downloads | Last Updated: 4/28/2023 | Latest Version: 23.4.28

Checks for updates of Microsoft Office and removes old versions. Run with -help or no arguments for usage.

By: | 119,286 downloads | Last Updated: 2/22/2024 | Latest Version: 1.50.0

Module for installing basic programs: This module provides functions for downloading installers from specified links, installing the programs, verifying the installed programs/services, and cleaning up the installer files.

By: | 84,090 downloads | Last Updated: 5/5/2023 | Latest Version: 3.9.3

PSADT is the unofficial powerShell module for PSAppDeployToolkit. The PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit provides a set of functions to perform common application deployment tasks and to interact with the user during a deployment. It simplifies the complex scripting challenges of deploying applications in the enterprise, provides a consistent deploy... More info

By: | 19,249 downloads | Last Updated: 9/16/2023 | Latest Version: 23.9.1

Will create disposable virtual machines to generate WIM files from Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Task Sequences. Run with -help or no arguments for usage.

By: | 14,724 downloads | Last Updated: 4/28/2023 | Latest Version: 23.4.28

Runs the built-in maintenance/clean up routine for WSUS. Run with -help or no arguments for usage.

By: | 29,135 downloads | Last Updated: 2/18/2023 | Latest Version: 4.5

AAD Communications Test: Use this script to test basic network connectivity to on-premises and online endpoints as well as name resolution.

By: | 10,162 downloads | Last Updated: 10/26/2017 | Latest Version:

Contains functions to simplify logging inside PowerShell cmdlets.

By: | 12,100 downloads | Last Updated: 4/12/2021 | Latest Version: 0.0.126

a powershell library for spawning, manipulating and slaughtering cloud minions

By: | 9,614 downloads | Last Updated: 8/1/2023 | Latest Version: 1.3

The goal of this script is to help with the import process of a device into AutoPilot and simplifying this by using a User Interface (GUI). You will be able to select a Group Tag if you use them and the script will reboot after the deployment profile was successfully assigned. It will also help to troubleshoot possible Network requirements by runni... More info

By: | 6,052 downloads | Last Updated: 3/24/2020 | Latest Version: 5.0.0

Simple PowerShell Logging Module

By: | 2,941 downloads | Last Updated: 10/23/2019 | Latest Version: 1.2

Write-Log is a simple PowerShell Logger for your script. Write-Log write the log on the console with color (INFO/WARNING : Yellow, SUCCESS : Green,ERROR : Red, DEBUG : DarkYellow) and create and log file on the execution folder of the script. The default name of the log is YourScriptName_log.txt Usage : Write-Log [-errorLevel] {INFO | SUC... More info

By: | 6,587 downloads | Last Updated: 8/19/2017 | Latest Version: 2.1

This module provides centralized file logging capabilities and other helpful stuff