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By: | 68,465 downloads | Last Updated: 11/25/2020 | Latest Version: 0.9.14

C#/PowerShell interface for PRTG Network Monitor


By: | 1,030 downloads | Last Updated: 10/29/2015 | Latest Version:

A PowerShell Module to download Event Sessions from Channel 9

By: | 125 downloads | Last Updated: 6/9/2019 | Latest Version: 1.3

provides CMDlets to create PRTG sensor objects, add channels, and convert them to PRTG exexml sensor output

By: | 60 downloads | Last Updated: 2/3/2021 | Latest Version: 1.6

Script to add users to teams or to private team channels using a CSV file. Users are added using their email address. Requires MicrosoftTeams 1.1.10-preview. Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams -RequiredVersion 1.1.10-preview -AllowPrerelease Run Connect-MicrosoftTeams to connect to the AzureCloud before running this script. You can only add us... More info