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By: | 17,993,616 downloads | Last Updated: 7/31/2023 | Latest Version: 1.6.0

Orchestrate driver, BIOS/UEFI and firmware updates for Lenovo computers 👨‍💻

By: | 500,042 downloads | Last Updated: 11/6/2023 | Latest Version: 3.2.4

Downloads and installs the latest version of winget and its dependencies. Updates the PATH variable if needed. This script is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, removing the hassle of manually downloading, installing, and configuring winget. To make the newly installed winget available for use, a system reboot may be required after ru... More info

By: | 202,101 downloads | Last Updated: 9/29/2015 | Latest Version: 1.0.7

Powershell DSC Configuration Script for installing Nmap versions 6.49 (Beta 4), 6.47, 6.46, 6.45, 6.40, and 6.25 This module makes use of the Environment DSC Resource in order to ensure that Nmap is added to $env:Path

By: | 89,488 downloads | Last Updated: 9/22/2022 | Latest Version: 5.1.0-upgrade0009

Parses a RequiredModules.psd1 listing modules and attempts to import those modules. If it can't find the module in the PSModulePath, attempts to install it from PowerShellGet. The RequiredModules list looks like this (uses nuget version range syntax, and now, has an optional syntax for specifying the repository to install from): @{ "PowerShell... More info

By: | 40,909 downloads | Last Updated: 11/14/2022 | Latest Version: 3.0.40

Module to handle specific install scenarios that Health Catalyst DOS installs encounter


By: | 36,097 downloads | Last Updated: 6/29/2022 | Latest Version: 1.4.3

This script can be used to easily install Visual Studio Code and the PowerShell extension on your machine. You may also specify additional extensions to be installed using the -AdditionalExtensions parameter. The -LaunchWhenDone parameter will cause VS Code to be launched as soon as installation has completed. Please contribute improvements to th... More info

By: | 31,737 downloads | Last Updated: 12/20/2019 | Latest Version: 1.10.8

Module to simplify PowerShell installations. More info on Github

By: | 19,737 downloads | Last Updated: 10/11/2023 | Latest Version: 1.0.6

A module to help installing and importing modules

By: | 15,041 downloads | Last Updated: 11/27/2022 | Latest Version: 1.6.0

PowerShell module that installs modules from GitHub

By: | 12,831 downloads | Last Updated: 10/12/2020 | Latest Version: 1.0.0

This module enables an easy installation of Chocolatey package manager to the system.

By: | 7,143 downloads | Last Updated: 8/27/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0.5

Borrowed heavily from Sourcecode available at Install and run with Install-Script Install-Git; Install-Git.ps1

By: | 5,266 downloads | Last Updated: 2/13/2019 | Latest Version:

Module with extensions for Sitecore Install Framework

By: | 3,844 downloads | Last Updated: 8/13/2015 | Latest Version: 1.0.1

Powershell DSC Configuration Script for installing Python versions 3.4.3, 3.4.2, 2.7.9, and 2.7.10 on Windows

By: | 2,673 downloads | Last Updated: 11/14/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0.6

Functions to install PowerShell Core on a Remote Host. Opitionally configure pwsh PSRemoting on the Remote Host. GitHub:

By: | 2,015 downloads | Last Updated: 12/3/2018 | Latest Version:

Functions to help install Sitecore on Azure VM

By: | 2,317 downloads | Last Updated: 7/11/2016 | Latest Version: 1.2.0

Downloads and installs PowerShell modules and DSC resources directly from GitHub.

By: | 1,557 downloads | Last Updated: 9/24/2019 | Latest Version: 1.2.5

---WARNING: This extension is still under active development and used internally by the FFW Sitecore team. Please, contact the author before start using it.--- Sitecore Automation Framework (SAF) is a PowerShell module built to support Sitecore DevOps in their daily work. It is designed to optimize the installation and maintenance of all Sitecore 9... More info

By: | 1,393 downloads | Last Updated: 9/29/2015 | Latest Version: 1.0.2

PowerShell DSC Configuration Script for installing Media Player Classic-Home Cinema (MPC-HC) versions 1.7.9, 1.7.8, and 1.7.7 on Windows

By: | 1,208 downloads | Last Updated: 4/15/2021 | Latest Version: 1.1

WSP Deployer is a PowerShell script that would help you to deploy WSP SharePoint Solutions with backup, rollback,logging, and versioning features in a safe and simple way. For more details about "WSP Deployer" features and how it works, Please check