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By: | 4,942 downloads | Last Updated: 11/8/2019 | Latest Version: 1.0.1

Module for detecting if a reboot is required and notifying a logged on user

By: | 1,189 downloads | Last Updated: 4/30/2019 | Latest Version: 2.0.1

The ResourceControllerDSC module allows you to control other DSC resources by adding a Maintenance Window so Set-TargetResource will only run during that window. Allows you to supress a reboot when a resource does not have the option.

By: | 660 downloads | Last Updated: 9/11/2017 | Latest Version: 1.4.0

A handy set of tools that I use in my day to day tasks. Created By: Robert Amartinesei Email feedback to: Disclaimer: These scripts/functions are provided in good faith and with no warranty as to their fitness of purpose. Use this software at your own risk. The author accepts no liabiliy for any losses or da... More info

By: | 906 downloads | Last Updated: 10/27/2016 | Latest Version:

The Win32Shutdown PowerShell module contains commands to log off, reboot, and shutdown local and remote computers. See about_Win32Shutdown for more information.

By: | 185 downloads | Last Updated: 10/1/2018 | Latest Version:

Workflows provide a set of features to the administrator to resolve complex issues when automating complex tasks. Such as running parallel activities or recoverting jobs after a reboot. In the later case, resuming a job after a reboot can be challenging if the system where the workflow is running is the same system that initiated the workflow. This... More info