CimSweep is a suite of CIM/WMI-based tools that enable the ability to perform incident response and hunting operations remotely across all versions of Windows. CIM/WMI obviates the need for the installation of a host-based agent. The WMI service is running by default on all versions of Windows.

Minimum PowerShell version


Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name CimSweep -RequiredVersion

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Matthew Graeber


BSD 3-Clause



security DFIR defense


Get-CSRegistryKey Get-CSRegistryValue Get-CSMountedVolumeDriveLetter Get-CSDirectoryListing Get-CSEventLog Get-CSEventLogEntry Get-CSService Get-CSProcess Get-CSEnvironmentVariable Get-CSRegistryAutoStart Get-CSScheduledTaskFile Get-CSTempFile Get-CSLowILPathFile Get-CSShellFolderPath Get-CSStartMenuEntry Get-CSTypedURL Get-CSWmiPersistence Get-CSWmiNamespace Get-CSVulnerableServicePermission Get-CSAVInfo Get-CSProxyConfig


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

* Added Get-CSAVInfo (written by @xorrior)
* Added Get-CSProxyConfig (written by @xorrior)
* Added module-wide Pester tests to ensure consistency across functions.

* Removed the -Path parameter from Get-CSRegistryKey and Get-CSRegistryValue. -Hive should be used.

* Added Get-CSWmiNamespace
* Added Get-CSVulnerableServicePermission
* -IncludeACL added to Get-CSRegistryKey, Get-CSDirectoryListing, Get-CSService, and Get-CSWmiNamespace.
* -IncludeFileInfo added to Get-CSService. The file info returned also includes the file ACL.
* Functions that accept exact datetimes now mask off milliseconds to enable more flexible time-based sweeps with second granularity.
* Added optional -UserModeServices and -Drivers switches to Get-CSService. This is helpful if you only want drivers or only want user-mode services.

* Dropped -Drivers and -Services from Get-CSRegistryAutoStart. Get-CSService is the ideal means of obtaining service and driver information.

* Bigfix: Forgot to rename Set-DefaultDisplayProperty in Get-CSRegistryAutoStart.
* Enhancement: Addressed PSScriptAnalyzer warnings

* Compatible PS Editions: Desktop, Core (i.e. Nano Server and Win 10 IoT)
* -IncludeAcl switch added to Get-CSRegistryKey and Get-CSDirectoryListing. Appending this argument will add an ACL parameter to each object returned.
* The output types of all functions are now fully and properly documented.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated 1,549 5/13/2017 (current version) 194 10/8/2016 132 5/28/2016 24 5/16/2016 14 5/16/2016