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Executes the MSBuild.exe tool against the specified Visual Studio solution or project file.


PS> Save-Module -Name Invoke-MsBuild -Path <path> -RequiredVersion 2.1.0


PS> Install-Module -Name Invoke-MsBuild -RequiredVersion 2.1.0


See Documentation for more details.

Release Notes

- Added new Use32BitMsBuild parameter to allow users to force the 32-bit version of MsBuild.exe to be used instead of the 64-bit version when both are available.

Invoke-MsBuild v2 has the following breaking changes from v1:
  - A hash table with several properties is returned instead of a simple $true/$false/$null value.
  - The GetLogPath switch is gone and replaced with the WhatIf switch.

New features in v2 include:
  - A build log file containing only build errors is created alongside the regular build log file.
  - The errors build log file can be auto-launched on build failure.
  - New switch has been added to show the build output in the calling scripts console window (does not work with some 3rd party consoles due to Start-Process cmdlet bug).
  - A hash table containing the following properties is now returned:

+ BuildSucceeded = $true if the build passed, $false if the build failed, and $null if we are not sure.
+ BuildLogFilePath = The path to the builds log file.
+ BuildErrorsLogFilePath = The path to the builds error log file.
+ ItemToBuildFilePath = The item that MsBuild is ran against.
+ CommandUsedToBuild = The full command that is used to invoke MsBuild. This can be useful for inspecting what parameters are passed to MsBuild.exe.
+ Message = A message describing any problems that were encoutered by Invoke-MsBuild. This is typically an empty string unless something went wrong.
+ MsBuildProcess = The process that was used to execute MsBuild.exe.

Changes to make when updating from v1 to v2:
- To capture/display the build success result, you must change:
  Invoke-MsBuild ...
  (Invoke-MsBuild ...).BuildSucceeded

- To get the path where the log file will be created, you must change:
  Invoke-MsBuild ... -GetLogPath
  (Invoke-MsBuild ... -WhatIf).BuildLogFilePath





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Invoke-MsBuild 2.5.1 206 Saturday, April 22 2017
Invoke-MsBuild 2.5.0 18 Friday, April 21 2017
Invoke-MsBuild 2.4.2 8 Thursday, April 20 2017
Invoke-MsBuild 2.4.1 13 Thursday, April 20 2017
Invoke-MsBuild 2.4.0 117 Sunday, April 02 2017
Invoke-MsBuild 2.3.1 3 Saturday, April 01 2017
Invoke-MsBuild 2.3.0 20 Friday, March 31 2017
Invoke-MsBuild 2.2.0 949 Friday, December 02 2016
Invoke-MsBuild 2.1.1 320 Wednesday, September 14 2016
Invoke-MsBuild 2.1.0 (this version) 328 Friday, June 24 2016
Invoke-MsBuild 2.0.0 74 Wednesday, May 25 2016
Invoke-MsBuild 1.6.3 105 Wednesday, April 06 2016
Invoke-MsBuild 1.6.2 5 Wednesday, April 06 2016
Invoke-MsBuild 57 Monday, March 07 2016
Invoke-MsBuild 7 Friday, March 04 2016
Invoke-MsBuild 1.6.0 13 Tuesday, March 01 2016