Provide SSH and SCP functionality for executing commands against remote hosts.

Minimum PowerShell version


Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name Posh-SSH -RequiredVersion 2.0

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Carlos Perez


(c) 2017 Carlos Perez. All rights reserved.



Get-SCPFile Get-SCPFolder Get-SFTPFile Set-SFTPFile New-SFTPSession New-SSHSession Set-SCPFile Set-SCPFolder


Get-SSHSession Remove-SSHSession Invoke-SSHCommand Get-PoshSSHModVersion Invoke-SSHCommandStream New-SSHShellStream Invoke-SSHStreamExpectAction Invoke-SSHStreamExpectSecureAction Get-SSHTrustedHost New-SSHTrustedHost Remove-SSHTrustedHost Get-SFTPSession Remove-SFTPSession Get-SFTPChildItem Test-SFTPPath Remove-SFTPItem Set-SFTPLocation Get-SFTPLocation Rename-SFTPFile Get-SFTPPathAttribute Set-SFTPPathAttribute New-SFTPSymlink Get-SFTPContent Set-SFTPContent New-SFTPFileStream New-SFTPItem New-SSHLocalPortForward New-SSHRemotePortForward New-SSHDynamicPortForward Get-SSHPortForward Stop-SSHPortForward Start-SSHPortForward


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

* Windows PowerShell 2.0 has been deprecated by Microsoft and several major versions have been released after it, for this reason PowerShell 2.0 is no longer supported by the module.
* New-SSHSession, New-SFTPSession, Set-SCPFile and Set-SCPFolder support the KeyString parameter, a string array of the content of a OpenSSH key for authentication.
* For Azure users when Force parameter is used it will not look in to the resgitry for exiting keys to validate against. Usefull when ran under an account that is not a user.
* Set-SCPFile Better pipeline support when receiving objects from Get-Childitem.
* Set-SFTPFile LocalFile Parameter accepts a string[].

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.1 678 1/23/2019
2.0.2 620,979 10/13/2017
2.0.1 47,395 8/14/2017
2.0 (current version) 1,494 8/11/2017
1.7.7 90,326 12/23/2016
1.7.6 43,372 7/29/2016
1.7.5 7,104 7/9/2016
1.7.4 20 7/9/2016
1.7.3 53,382 11/4/2015
1.7.2 673 3/26/2015
1.7 35 3/18/2015
1.6 287 8/17/2014