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Install-Module -Name PowerLine -RequiredVersion 3.1.0

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Joel Bennett


(c) 2016 Joel Bennett. All rights reserved.



Prompt ANSI VirtualTerminal


Set-PowerLinePrompt Write-PowerlinePrompt Export-PowerLinePrompt Add-PowerLineBlock Remove-PowerLineBlock New-PromptText Get-Elapsed Get-ErrorCount Get-SegmentedPath Get-ShortenedPath Test-Success Test-Elevation


Release Notes

       3.1.0: Adds Error output, so when something is wrong, you will know!
           Also adds support for hiding the errors
           Adds a function `Get-ErrorCount` comparing the count in `$Error` since the last command
           Fixes longstanding bug where right-aligned columns would sometimes leak background color
       3.0.4: ... lost to the mists of time ...
       3.0.3: Remove debug "Warning" statements. Sorry!
       3.0.2: Fix a bug causing re-sets of the prompt
       3.0.0: Total refactor to simplify the array.
           Add a dependency on the Configuration module
           Uses $Prompt (an array of ScriptBlock)
           Uses $Prompt.Colors (an array of PoshCode.Pansies.RgbColor)
           Removed -UseAnsiEscapes -- with Pansies, we always use Ansi escape sequences
           Added -FullColor -- by default, use only 16 Colors [System.ConsoleColor]
           Support storing prompt options so we can restore the prompt upon import
       2.3.1: Fixed the missing New-PowerLineBlock alias for backward compatibility with 2.2.0
       2.3.0: Switch to using Pansies to get support for full RGBColor with css style colors, like: #336699
       2.2.0: Add -RestoreVirtualTerminal switch for controlling if the prompt should reenable VT processing after each command
       2.1.0: Add -UseAnsiEscapes switch for controlling the use of VT escape sequences (in preparation for adding a Write-Host adapter)
       Add pre-compiled assembly for .Net Core

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.4.0 1,154 7/19/2021
3.3.0 2,872 1/9/2021
3.2.2 1,314 9/11/2020
3.1.2 7,438 4/27/2019
3.1.1 186 4/14/2019
3.1.0 (current version) 19 4/14/2019
3.0.3 4,299 10/21/2017
3.0.2 9 10/21/2017
3.0.1 6 10/21/2017
3.0.0 11 10/21/2017
2.3.1 1,105 5/12/2017
2.3.0 19 5/12/2017
2.1.0 834 9/27/2016
2.0.0 58 9/12/2016
1.3.1 25 9/6/2016
1.3 .0 13 9/6/2016
1.0.0 29 9/1/2016
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