Module to Audit systems using the PowerStig engine.
   PowerStigScan Repo: https://github.com/mapresto/PowerStigScan.
   PowerStig Repo: https://github.com/Microsoft/PowerStig

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Install-Module -Name PowerStigScan

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Matt Preston


(c) 2018 Matt Preston. All rights reserved.



Invoke-PowerStigScan Add-PowerStigComputer Get-PowerStigComputer Remove-PowerStigComputer Get-PowerStigSqlConfig Set-PowerStigSqlConfig Get-PowerStigConfig Set-PowerStigConfig Get-PowerStigOrgSettings Start-PowerStigDSCScan Install-PowerStigSQLDatabase


Release Notes

Added support for PowerSTIG 3.2.0
           Consolidated file management for key files used
           Consolidated scanning functions to a single function
           Added additional, optional integration with SCAP
           Removed dependency on SQL for bulk scan and CKL generation
           Added switches to make SQL and SCAP optional components
           Added Install-PowerStigSQLDatabase to ease the creation of SQL objects
           Added detection for PowerShell 5.1  
           Fixed issues preventing .Net SCAP scan from proceding  
           Added support to automatically set Non-Applicable rules for 2016 STIG to NA

  • PowerStigScan.nuspec
  • PowerStigScan.psd1
  • PowerStigScan.psm1
  • Common\config.ini
  • Common\DSCCall.ps1
  • Common\helpers.ps1
  • Common\PowerStigScan.Computer.ps1
  • Common\PowerStigScan.Config.ps1
  • Common\PowerStigScan.Main.ps1
  • Common\PowerStigScan.Results.ps1
  • Common\PowerStigScan.Scap.ps1
  • Common\Roles.csv
  • Common\CKL\2012R2WindowsDNSServerEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\2012R2WindowsServer-DCEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\2012R2WindowsServer-MSEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\2016WindowsServer-DCEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\2016WindowsServer-MSEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\2016WindowsServerEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\Adobe_Acrobat_Reader_DC_ClassicEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\Adobe_Acrobat_Reader_DC_ContinuousEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\Excel2013Empty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\FireFoxEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\Google_Chrome_Current_WindowsEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\IISServerEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\IISSiteEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\InternetExplorerEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\MS_Dot_Net_FrameworkEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\OracleJREEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\Outlook2013Empty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\PowerPoint2013Empty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\SqlServer-2012-DatabaseEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\SqlServer-2012-InstanceEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\SqlServer-2016-InstanceEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\WindowsClientEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\WindowsDefenderEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\WindowsFirewallEmpty.ckl
  • Common\CKL\Word2013Empty.ckl
  • SQL\499.sql
  • SQL\500.sql
  • SQL\501.sql
  • SQL\502.sql
  • SQL\DBdeployer.ps1

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