C#/PowerShell interface for interacting with the PRTG HTTP API

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Install-Module -Name PrtgAPI -RequiredVersion 0.8.4

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Prtg Sensor Device Group Probe Channel Notification Action Trigger Remove Pause Resume Check Acknowledge PowerShell Setting Property


Get-DeviceTemplate Disable-PrtgProgress Enable-PrtgProgress Get-SensorType Get-SensorTarget Add-Device Add-Group New-DeviceParameters New-GroupParameters Backup-PrtgConfig Clear-PrtgCache Sync-PrtgConfigFile Restart-PrtgCore Restart-Probe Get-ObjectLog Add-Sensor Get-SensorFactorySource New-SensorParameters Get-SensorHistory Move-Object Set-ObjectPosition Test-ErrorStatus Start-SortPrtgObject Open-PrtgObject Start-AutoDiscovery Copy-Object New-SensorFactoryDefinition Add-NotificationTrigger Set-NotificationTrigger Edit-NotificationTriggerProperty Get-NotificationAction Get-PrtgStatus Get-NotificationTrigger Get-ModificationHistory New-NotificationTriggerParameters Remove-NotificationTrigger Set-ObjectProperty Confirm-Sensor Get-Channel Get-Group Get-Probe Get-ObjectProperty Get-PrtgClient Get-SensorTotals Update-Object Suspend-Object Rename-Object Resume-Object Set-ChannelProperty Remove-Object Get-Device Connect-PrtgServer Disconnect-PrtgServer Get-Sensor New-SearchFilter


New-Credential Connect-GoPrtgServer Get-GoPrtgServer Install-GoPrtgServer Set-GoPrtgAlias Uninstall-GoPrtgServer Update-GoPrtgCredential


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

New Cmdlets

* Get-DeviceTemplate: Retrieves all device templates supported for use in an auto-discovery


* Device templates can now be specified to NewDeviceParameters. Specifying one or more templates will automatically set the AutoDiscoveryMode to AutomaticTemplate
* Manual auto-discoveries performed by Start-AutoDiscovery can now specify one or more device templates to limit the scope to the discovery
* Implemented new property Is64Bit on ServerStatus returned by Get-PrtgStatus
* CustomParameter objects can now specify a ParameterType to indicate whether their values should be treated a single values (name=val), multi values (name=val1,val2) or multi parameters (name=val1&name=val2)
* Custom parameters used by RawSensorParameters / DynamicSensorParameters now use ParameterType.MultiParameter by default
* Added new parameter -Template to Add-Device. When used in conjunction with -AutoDiscover, retrieves all device templates that match one or more specified wildcards
* Implemented new parameter -Downtime on Get-SensorHistory. When -Average is not specified, sets the average based on the scanning interval of the sensor, allowing the Downtime column to be included in response. For more information see the wiki
* Implemented new parameter -ProbeStatus on Get-Probe. Allows filtering for probes with a specified ProbeStatus
* Set-ObjectProperty now allows specifying multiple raw values at once for use with a single raw property


* Results returned by Get-SensorType no longer include duplicate types returned by PRTG
* Raw settings that allow for multiple selections (such as *Traffic Mode* of *SNMP Traffic* sensors) returned by Get-ObjectProperty -Raw now display correctly
* Fixed a bug wherein Get-SensorHistory would not stream properly when an -EndDate is specified
* Fixed an issue wherein several cmdlets would perform their actions before displaying initial progress
* Fixed an issue wherein sensor target resolution would crash when PRTG did not include an error message in its error response (such as when its Host value has changed)

Breaking Changes

* Renamed Probe property Condition to ProbeStatus


PrtgAPI is a C#/PowerShell library that abstracts away the complexity of interfacing with the PRTG HTTP API.

PrtgAPI implements a collection of methods and enumerations that help create and execute the varying HTTP GET requests required to interface with PRTG. All responses from PRTG are automatically deserialized by PrtgAPI and formatted appropriately when output to the pipeline (when using PowerShell)

All cmdlets in PrtgAPI support some level of piping, allowing you to directly chain multiple cmdlets together, further filtering search results as you go.

PrtgAPI supports a number of undocumented features, including manipulating notification triggers, and viewing and editing channel properties (error limits, etc).

PrtgAPI includes full Cmdlet Comment/XmlDoc documentation. Detailed information on any cmdlet can be found within PowerShell by running Get-Help <cmdlet> or Get-Help <cmdlet> -Full

For examples and usage scenarios, please see the Project Site.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
0.9.10 86 12/5/2019
0.9.9 1,425 9/26/2019
0.9.8 787 8/19/2019
0.9.7 1,814 5/8/2019
0.9.6 687 4/3/2019
0.9.5 1,306 1/13/2019
0.9.4 120 1/3/2019
0.9.3 43,306 11/20/2018
0.9.2 411 11/1/2018
0.9.1 254 10/3/2018
0.9.0 196 8/27/2018
0.8.6 806 5/4/2018
0.8.5 36 4/23/2018
0.8.4 (current version) 8 4/23/2018
0.8.3 48 4/2/2018
0.8.2 7 3/30/2018
0.8.1 58 3/11/2018
0.8.0 150 2/23/2018
0.7.3 151 11/20/2017
0.7.2 30 11/13/2017
0.7.1 32 10/15/2017
0.7.0 15 10/6/2017
0.6.10 48 8/2/2017
0.6.9 74 4/24/2017
0.6.8 27 4/19/2017
0.6.7 14 4/11/2017
0.6.6 7 4/10/2017
0.6.5 7 4/10/2017
0.6.4 15 3/25/2017
0.6.3 7 3/22/2017
0.6.2 8 3/19/2017
0.6.1 9 3/14/2017
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