Receive and manipulate your SEPPmail Appliance beginning with SEPPmail Version 12.1.0.
  With the REST-API you can retrieve and set information via REST, including the option to mass-generate users.
  This PowerShell module is a wrapper around this API to allow more convenient operation and interaction from the command line.

Minimum PowerShell version


Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name SEPPmailAPI

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The SEPPmail Dev-Team


(c) SEPPmail AG. All rights reserved.

Package Details



SEPPmail REST-API Windows Linux MacOS


Find-SMACustomer Get-SMACustomer New-SMACustomer Set-SMACustomer Remove-SMACustomer Export-SMACustomer Import-SMACustomer Get-SMAEncInfo Add-SMACustomerAdmin Remove-SMACustomerAdmin Set-SMAConfiguration Get-SMAConfiguration New-SMAConfiguration Remove-SMAConfiguration Test-SMAConfiguration Find-SMADisclaimer Get-SMADisclaimer New-SMADisclaimer Set-SMADisclaimer Remove-SMADisclaimer Find-SMADisclaimerInclude New-SMADisclaimerInclude Remove-SMADisclaimerInclude Find-SMAGinaUser New-SMAGinaUser Set-SMAGinaUser Remove-SMAGinaUser Find-SMAGroup Get-SMAGroup New-SMAGroup Set-SMAGroup Remove-SMAGroup Add-SMAGroupMember Remove-SMAGroupMember Find-SMAManagedDomain Get-SMAManagedDomain New-SMAManagedDomain Set-SMAManagedDomain Remove-SMAManagedDomain Find-SMATemplate Get-SMATemplate New-SMATemplate Set-SMATemplate Remove-SMATemplate Find-SMATemplateInclude Get-SMATemplateInclude New-SMATemplateInclude Remove-SMATemplateInclude Get-SMAStatistics Get-SMAUser Find-SMAUser New-SMAUser Set-SMAUser Remove-SMAUser


Desktop Core


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

260121: Initial release - preparation for SM Release 12.1.0 - User path only

050221: User management stable - working with SM Dev Release 12.1.0

080221: 0.5.3 - Fixed TLS issue on older PS5 (WS2016) machines, cleanup exported commands

110321: 0.8.0 - All v1 CmdLets done, cosmetics and testing starting now

020421: 0.8.1 - Adding Support for Credential based security with Token/secret

070721: 0.9.0 - Adding Support for multiple configs and SecretStore

260721: 0.9.1 - Adding Support for Encryption Information

170921: 0.9.2 - Adding Support for ManagedDomain, MailTemplate, Disclaimer

180921: 0.9.3 - Adding Support for Statistics

270921: 0.9.4 - Adding Support for Webmail (GINA) users

031021: 0.9.5 - Adding Support for Groups

071021: 1.0.0 - First Release compatible with SEPpmail 12.1

091021: 1.0.1 - Signing of psd1 file added

141021: 1.0.5 - Linux/macOS test-smaconfig fixed, securestrig fixed, Module init SEPPmail_ModuleCfg fixed.


Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
1.0.5 (current version) 162 10/15/2021