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Install-Module -Name sf-dev -RequiredVersion 9.3.1

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Install-PSResource -Name sf-dev -Version 9.3.1

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(c) 2019 Todor Mitskovski. All rights reserved.

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  • Todor Mitskovski


sf-data-getAllProjects sf-proj-tools-StartAllProjectsBatch sf-proj-setDescription sf-proj-new sf-proj-clone sf-proj-removeBulk sf-proj-remove sf-proj-rename sf-proj-reset sf-proj-setCurrent sf-proj-getCurrent sf-proj-getDescription sf-proj-tags-addToCurrent sf-proj-tags-removeFromCurrent sf-proj-tags-removeAllFromCurrent sf-proj-tags-getAll sf-proj-tags-setDefaultFilter sf-proj-tags-getDefaultFilter sf-proj-tools-updateAllProjectsTfsInfo sf-proj-tools-clearAllProjectsLeftovers sf-proj-tools-goto sf-proj-select sf-proj-show sf-proj-showAll sf-sol-build sf-sol-rebuild sf-sol-clean sf-sol-clearPackages sf-sol-open sf-sol-buildWebAppProj sf-sol-unlockAllFiles sf-tfs-undoPendingChanges sf-tfs-showPendingChanges sf-tfs-hasPendingChanges sf-tfs-getLatestChanges sf-iis-pool-resetThread sf-iis-pool-reset sf-iis-pool-stop sf-iis-pool-change sf-iis-pool-getId sf-iis-subApp-set sf-iis-subApp-remove sf-iis-site-rename sf-iis-site-open sf-iis-site-new sf-app-configs-setStorageMode sf-app-configs-getStorageMode sf-app-configs-getFromDb sf-app-configs-clearInDb sf-app-configs-setInDb sf-app-db-getName sf-app-db-setName sf-app-reset sf-app-addPrecompiledTemplates sf-app-states-save sf-app-states-restore sf-app-states-remove sf-app-states-removeAll sf-app-start unlock-allFiles Add-ToHostsFile Remove-FromHostsFile os-popup-notification


    • SqlServer (>= 21.1.18179 && <= 21.1.99999999)

Release Notes

               Removed unused functions
               Refactoring of sql api, no more global state object
               Remove unused functions
               Add hosts file functions to API
               Removed dependencies to toko-admin and toko-posh-dev-tools
               api sf-app-start
               bug fixes
               Bugfix: Error log not displayed when build fails
               Bugfix: Undoing pending changes
               Bugfix: Undoing pending changes
               sf-proj-reset always resets not only when old project
               sf-proj-new now can use existing app path. Removed sf-proj-import.
               Major refacotring and improved error handling
               progress bar for sitefinity initialization #87
               Tags autocomplete #81
               Ability to list all projects when passing special switch #89
               Performance: Slow listing when removing bulk
               Fixed function names
               importing app should save original app data folder #85
               Ability to import directly from path to zip
               Auto discover of solution from zip
               Default tags filter is applied to new projects
               Fix corrupted definition file.
               Fix building without solution.
               Fix get latest changes
               Expose remove bulk function
               renamed iis public api
               Public api with prefix sf- and dashes
               !!! This version is broken, public api was not exposed in definition file
               Remove default command prefix
               Change public api functions to use dashes not underscores
               New function naming convention
               Added default prefix for module
               Powershell standards compliance - function names
               No Config type
               Add config global object
               Fixes for default tags
               Other bugfixes
               When renaming to a title of AzureDevOps copied item title it is automatically recognized and processed.
               Clipboard is no longer modified when renaming a project.
               Fix: When restoring states user is prompted to select from available
               Less timeout for waiting Sitefinity to start
               Removed fluent api, no longr necessary to load module with using
               New Api and Renaming of Old Apis
               Fix: when delete project and removing from tool fails there is no validation for success.
               Fix: renaming a project does not change the console title
               BUG Fix DbBackups not overriden
               BUG fix Cannot get appDbName when more than one connection strings in data.config #52
               Fix error message when initializing the webapp older Sitefinity version #23
               Fix fallback to opening webapppath when no solution
               Fix wrong build selected from prompt
               Fix prompting for build path
               Fix Prompting for branches
               Fix states
               Ability to create project from build path
               (Project filtering by tags)[https://github.com/todorm85/sitefinity-dev-orchestration/issues/30]
               Persisted project updated with latest initialized data
               Importing Web Application Folder is Broken - various errors
               Auto-detect website on import
               Auto-detect and update settings when loading project
               Improve error messages
               Check for workspace only at startup and stop showing the error
               Simplify fluent api
               Import project form directory is broken
               Add more functions to fluent
               Better error handling when building solution
               Fluent API remove clutter methods
               Fluent API project methods extracted to separate facades

           # 0.2.0
               Add fluent API
               Imported projects were not mapped to source control
               Improve error messages for misconfigurations

           Removed globals in scope, extracted user configuration as separate API
           Optimized module size, external tools and low-level helpers extracted to separate module as dependency.

           Some external tools are no longer prepackaged, but downloaded on demand.

           Contains all features ready for production however requires more real life testing and usage.


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