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By: | 8,974 downloads | Last Updated: 1/1/2019 | Latest Version:

Use Svendsen Tech's Write-Ascii function to produce (optionally colored) ASCII art text letters from strings, in PowerShell. See Get-Help Write-Ascii for more information. GitHub link here: - online blog documentation here:

By: | 3,671 downloads | Last Updated: 12/3/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0.2

Consumes data points as input and plots them on a 2D graph in the Powershell console - Independent of PowerShell version, and Works on PowerShell Core (Windows\Linux) - Color-coded output depending upon the Value of data point - Colors codes can be customized by passing a color-map hash table - Custom X an Y-Axis labels - Graph in console i... More info

By: | 2,192 downloads | Last Updated: 12/10/2017 | Latest Version:

Cmdlets for determining file encodings

By: | 1,124 downloads | Last Updated: 1/10/2021 | Latest Version: 1.0.3

determines the encoding of any text file

By: | 519 downloads | Last Updated: 1/26/2020 | Latest Version:

An ascii system information display for PowerShell

By: | 330 downloads | Last Updated: 9/26/2018 | Latest Version: 0.1.2

ASCII Graphic tooling for PowerShell