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| 29,805,441 downloads | Last Updated: 10/9/2020 | Latest Version: 2.9.3-rc623

Carbon is a PowerShell module for automating the configuration Windows 7, 8, 2008, and 2012 and automation the installation and configuration of Windows applications, websites, and services. It can configure and manage: * Local users and groups * IIS websites, virtual directories, and applications * File system, registry, and certificate pe... More info


| 153,861 downloads | Last Updated: 2/17/2020 | Latest Version: 3.3.4

Exposes Windows Installer functionality to Windows PowerShell

| 119,234 downloads | Last Updated: 12/17/2019 | Latest Version: 0.7.3

Microsoft Azure PowerShell - Managed Service Identity cmdlets for Azure Resource Manager in Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core. Manages user assigned identities in Azure Resource Manager. For more information on Managed Service Indentity, please visit the following: More info

| 5,272 downloads | Last Updated: 3/6/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0.20

Orphaned MSI patch cleaner The "C:\Windows\Installer" can often grow very large in size due to applications such as Microsoft Office being regularly patched. Superseded patches get left behind leaving them in an orphaned state. The MSIPatches module can detect and move the orphaned patches freeing up valuable disk space. See examples at https... More info

| 2,786 downloads | Last Updated: 8/29/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0.5-preview

Microsoft Azure PowerShell - Managed Service Identity cmdlets for Azure Resource Manager. Manages user assigned identities in Azure Resource Manager

| 852 downloads | Last Updated: 12/6/2017 | Latest Version: 1.23.2

Contains functions to execute actions on a remote server. Allows to set up IIS, import sites and app pools, install MSI packages.

| 283 downloads | Last Updated: 4/6/2017 | Latest Version: 1.1

Opens a Windows Installer Database (.msi) and queries for the specified property value.

| 93 downloads | Last Updated: 12/13/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0

Gets the Latest version of the Google Chrome for Enterprise msi.