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By: | 4,246 downloads | Last Updated: 1/14/2021 | Latest Version: 1.7.0

Provides CLI Access to AWS using SAML authentication in a browser.

By: | 4,277 downloads | Last Updated: 9/1/2015 | Latest Version: 1.2.2

The StaleHosts module provides cmdlets for enumerating stale components of Active Directory, such as inactive user accounts, inactive computer accounts, and empty security groups. Get-StaleUsers Get-StaleComps Get-EmptyADGroups By default, this script will search for objects that have been inactive for a year (365 days). Reports are output a... More info

By: | 383 downloads | Last Updated: 4/22/2021 | Latest Version: 0.0.9

Module allows to set lock screen from powershell to your custom image

By: | 455 downloads | Last Updated: 9/6/2020 | Latest Version: 1.0.2

Automatic Log in to your Server via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with PowerShell