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By: | 2,462,781 downloads | Last Updated: 12/4/2020 | Latest Version:

SNMP Functions for Get and Walk both pipeline aware

By: | 331,279 downloads | Last Updated: 12/5/2021 | Latest Version: 1.6.3

SplitPipeline - Parallel Data Processing in PowerShell

By: | 186,542 downloads | Last Updated: 9/24/2023 | Latest Version: 0.117.0-preview0003

Sample Module with Pipeline scripts and its Plaster template to create a module following some of the community accepted practices.

By: | 146,082 downloads | Last Updated: 4/12/2023 | Latest Version: 2.0.0

The ProGetAutomation module is used to automate Inedo's ProGet, a universal package manager. It can host your own NuGet, Docker, PowerShell, Ruby Gems, Visual Studio Extensions, Maven, NPM, Bower, and Chocolatey repositories. It has its own proprietary universal package repositories.

By: | 32,299 downloads | Last Updated: 9/12/2023 | Latest Version: 1.1.0

The Bitbucket Server Automation module is used to interact with Bitbucket Server.

By: | 17,825 downloads | Last Updated: 5/12/2021 | Latest Version:

PowerShell Module that helps with automating tasks in a scalable manner

By: | 14,828 downloads | Last Updated: 7/21/2023 | Latest Version: 3.1.0

BuildMasterAutomation is a PowerShell module for working with BuildMaster web APIs. BuildMaster is an application build and deployment automation tool by Inedo software. This module wraps its web APIs in a PowerShell interface. The module's functions allow you to read and create applications, releases, builds, etc. If this module doesn't have a ... More info

By: | 23,492 downloads | Last Updated: 3/2/2020 | Latest Version: 1.3.3

Requires the ThreadJob module. Parallel Processing Engine and advanced load balancing based on ThreadJob. Fast multi processing, and easy to use. Speeds up ThreadJob

By: | 7,105 downloads | Last Updated: 7/19/2016 | Latest Version:

SQLite CmdLets

By: | 4,942 downloads | Last Updated: 11/26/2016 | Latest Version: 1.3.0

Powershell Dummy Module for testing Release Pipelines

By: | 6,918 downloads | Last Updated: 4/22/2023 | Latest Version: 0.59.0

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery module.

By: | 7,946 downloads | Last Updated: 1/11/2021 | Latest Version: 1.1.1

Deploy a SQL Database DACPAC using a DAC Publish Profile Publish-DacPac allows you to deploy a SQL Server Database DACPAC to a SQL Server instance using a DAC Publish Profile. SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools) is Microsoft's tool to design (declare) the entire database model including tables, views, stored procedures, functions, schemas, etc. etc.... More info

By: | 5,562 downloads | Last Updated: 1/10/2022 | Latest Version: 0.7.5

PowerShell module to build, test and publish docker images.

By: | 1,810 downloads | Last Updated: 9/20/2022 | Latest Version: 5.0.2

My PowerShell pipeline build module which contains a bunch of helper functions to aid with PowerShell module deployment

By: | 1,266 downloads | Last Updated: 4/19/2018 | Latest Version: 1.3

Provides more fine-tuned control over native utilities invoked from PowerShell.

By: | 860 downloads | Last Updated: 12/28/2018 | Latest Version:

SNMP Functions for Get and Walk both pipeline aware


By: | 1,105 downloads | Last Updated: 7/26/2022 | Latest Version: 2.1.22207.25491

Useful PowerShell functions and commands.

By: | 623 downloads | Last Updated: 7/19/2018 | Latest Version: 1.1.0

Interactive filtering command based on peco

By: | 1,197 downloads | Last Updated: 3/2/2021 | Latest Version: 1.2.3

Provides utilities to help you deploy your Analysis Services cube to Azure or your on-premise servers. Supports both Tabular and Multidimensional projects. Full documentation can be found on the project site