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This script analyzes Microsoft Intune Management Extension (IME) log(s) and creates timeline report from found log events. Report is saved to HTML file. Events are also shown in Powershell console window. Timeline report includes information about Intune Win32App, WinGetApp, Powershell scripts, Remedation scripts and custom Compliance Policy scri... More info

By: | 173 downloads | Last Updated: 5/24/2023 | Latest Version: 3.0

This script does HTML Report from Intune Application assigments. Report shows information which is not available in Intune UI without making tens or hunders of clicks to all Apps Report shows also impact of Assignments - number of devices and users targeted to Application. Report has many options for filtering and search. All columns can be sorte... More info

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ClipboardTools enhances efficiency when working with tools like Graph Explorer, Graph API, and various data formats like JSON. This suite offers robust validation and conversion tools for diverse data types, always utilizing the clipboard for data processing. Whether you are reading from or returning data to the clipboard, these tools become indisp... More info