Carbon is a PowerShell module for automating the configuration Windows 7, 8, 2008, and 2012 and automation the installation and configuration of Windows applications, websites, and services. It can configure and manage:

* Local users and groups
* IIS websites, virtual directories, and applications
* File system, registry, and certificate permissions
* Certif
Carbon is a PowerShell module for automating the configuration Windows 7, 8, 2008, and 2012 and automation the installation and configuration of Windows applications, websites, and services. It can configure and manage:

* Local users and groups
* IIS websites, virtual directories, and applications
* File system, registry, and certificate permissions
* Certificates
* Privileges
* Services
* Encryption
* Junctions
* Hosts file
* INI files
* Performance counters
* Shares
* .NET connection strings and app settings
* And much more!

All functions are idempotent: when run multiple times with the same arguments, your system will be in the same state without failing or producing errors.

Minimum PowerShell version


There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
See the version list below for details.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name Carbon -RequiredVersion 2.1.1

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Aaron Jensen


Copyright 2011 - 2016 Aaron Jensen.



.net acl active-directory certificates com compression computer credential cryptography directory dsc dsc-resources encryption environment file-system firewall groups hosts-file http identity iis ini installers internet-explorer ip junctions msi msmq netsh networking ntfs operating-system os path performance-counters powershell principal privileges programs registry rsa scheduled-tasks security service shares sid smb ssl text trusted-host users wcf windows windows-features xml zip DscResources setup automation admin


Add-GroupMember Add-IisDefaultDocument Add-TrustedHost Assert-AdminPrivilege Assert-FirewallConfigurable Assert-Service Clear-DscLocalResourceCache Clear-MofAuthoringMetadata Clear-TrustedHost Complete-Job Compress-Item ConvertFrom-Base64 Convert-SecureStringToString ConvertTo-Base64 ConvertTo-ContainerInheritanceFlags ConvertTo-InheritanceFlag ConvertTo-PropagationFlag ConvertTo-SecurityIdentifier Convert-XmlFile Copy-DscResource Disable-FirewallStatefulFtp Disable-IEEnhancedSecurityConfiguration Disable-IisSecurityAuthentication Disable-NtfsCompression Enable-FirewallStatefulFtp Enable-IEActivationPermission Enable-IisDirectoryBrowsing Enable-IisSecurityAuthentication Enable-IisSsl Enable-NtfsCompression Expand-Item Find-ADUser Format-ADSearchFilterValue Get-ADDomainController Get-Certificate Get-CertificateStore Get-ComPermission Get-ComSecurityDescriptor Get-DscError Get-DscWinEvent Get-FileShare Get-FileSharePermission Get-FirewallRule Get-Group Get-HttpUrlAcl Get-IisApplication Get-IisAppPool Get-IisConfigurationSection Get-IisHttpHeader Get-IisHttpRedirect Get-IisMimeMap Get-IisSecurityAuthentication Get-IisVersion Get-IisWebsite Get-IPAddress Get-Msi Get-MsmqMessageQueue Get-MsmqMessageQueuePath Get-PathProvider Get-PathToHostsFile Get-PerformanceCounter Get-Permission Get-PowerShellModuleInstallPath Get-PowershellPath Get-Privilege Get-ProgramInstallInfo Get-RegistryKeyValue Get-ScheduledTask Get-ServiceAcl Get-ServiceConfiguration Get-ServicePermission Get-ServiceSecurityDescriptor Get-SslCertificateBinding Get-TrustedHost Get-User Get-WindowsFeature Get-WmiLocalUserAccount Grant-ComPermission Grant-HttpUrlPermission Grant-MsmqMessageQueuePermission Grant-Permission Grant-Privilege Grant-ServiceControlPermission Grant-ServicePermission Initialize-Lcm Install-Certificate Install-Directory Install-FileShare Install-Group Install-IisApplication Install-IisAppPool Install-IisVirtualDirectory Install-IisWebsite Install-Junction Install-Msi Install-Msmq Install-MsmqMessageQueue Install-PerformanceCounter Install-RegistryKey Install-ScheduledTask Install-Service Install-User Install-WindowsFeature Invoke-AppCmd Invoke-PowerShell Join-IisVirtualPath Lock-IisConfigurationSection New-Credential New-Junction New-RsaKeyPair New-TempDirectory Protect-Acl Protect-String Remove-EnvironmentVariable Remove-GroupMember Remove-HostsEntry Remove-IisMimeMap Remove-IniEntry Remove-Junction Remove-RegistryKeyValue Remove-SslCertificateBinding Reset-HostsFile Reset-MsmqQueueManagerID Resolve-FullPath Resolve-Identity Resolve-IdentityName Resolve-NetPath Resolve-PathCase Resolve-RelativePath Restart-RemoteService Revoke-ComPermission Revoke-HttpUrlPermission Revoke-Permission Revoke-Privilege Revoke-ServicePermission Set-DotNetAppSetting Set-DotNetConnectionString Set-EnvironmentVariable Set-HostsEntry Set-IisHttpHeader Set-IisHttpRedirect Set-IisMimeMap Set-IisWebsiteID Set-IisWebsiteSslCertificate Set-IisWindowsAuthentication Set-IniEntry Set-RegistryKeyValue Set-ServiceAcl Set-SslCertificateBinding Set-TrustedHost Split-Ini Start-DscPullConfiguration Test-AdminPrivilege Test-DotNet Test-DscTargetResource Test-FileShare Test-FirewallStatefulFtp Test-Group Test-GroupMember Test-Identity Test-IisAppPool Test-IisConfigurationSection Test-IisSecurityAuthentication Test-IisWebsite Test-IPAddress Test-MsmqMessageQueue Test-NtfsCompression Test-OSIs32Bit Test-OSIs64Bit Test-PathIsJunction Test-PerformanceCounter Test-PerformanceCounterCategory Test-Permission Test-PowerShellIs32Bit Test-PowerShellIs64Bit Test-Privilege Test-RegistryKeyValue Test-ScheduledTask Test-Service Test-SslCertificateBinding Test-TypeDataMember Test-UncPath Test-User Test-WindowsFeature Test-ZipFile Uninstall-Certificate Uninstall-Directory Uninstall-FileShare Uninstall-Group Uninstall-IisAppPool Uninstall-IisWebsite Uninstall-Junction Uninstall-MsmqMessageQueue Uninstall-PerformanceCounterCategory Uninstall-ScheduledTask Uninstall-Service Uninstall-User Uninstall-WindowsFeature Unlock-IisConfigurationSection Unprotect-String Write-DscError


Carbon_EnvironmentVariable Carbon_FirewallRule Carbon_Group Carbon_IniFile Carbon_Permission Carbon_Privilege Carbon_ScheduledTask Carbon_Service


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

## Bug Fixes

* Fixed: unable to publish module to PowerShell Gallery because `RequiredAssemblies` module manifest data used an absolute path generated with `Join-Path` and `$PSScriptRoot`, which aren't allowed in module manifests.
* Fixed: missing PowerShell Gallery tags, license URI, project URI, and release notes metadata.
* Fixed: copyright date in module manifest is 2015.
* Fixed: PowerShell gallery missing function list.
* Fixed: Restricted user accounts can't import Carbon ([issue #180](
* Fixed: `Carbon_Privilege` DSC resource fails to remove all a user's privileges ([issue #178](
* Fixed: `Remove-IniEntry` fails to remove last INI entry in a file ([issue #179](

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
2.9.4 1,520,628 12/8/2020
2.9.3 606,546 11/18/2020
2.9.3-rc623 64 10/9/2020
2.9.2 14,018,953 1/17/2020
2.9.1 1,543,646 11/1/2019
2.9.0 994,025 9/19/2019
2.9.0-rc587 24 9/16/2019
2.8.1 4,219,235 3/26/2019
2.8.0 31,656 3/25/2019
2.7.0 3,915,414 12/11/2018
2.6.0 5,412,292 7/8/2018
2.5.4 206,509 6/2/2018
2.5.3 1,299 6/1/2018
2.5.2 191 6/1/2018
2.5.1 206 6/1/2018
2.5.0 826,778 6/18/2017
2.4.1 240,790 2/21/2017
2.4.0 124,193 11/9/2016
2.3.0 39,220 9/29/2016
2.2.0 22,192 5/12/2016
2.1.1 (current version) 1,171 2/25/2016
2.1.0 484 2/9/2016
2.0.1 1,007 10/20/2015
2.0.0 204 10/11/2015
1.9.0 672 5/7/2015
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