Module with DSC Resources for Networking area

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Install-Module -Name NetworkingDsc -RequiredVersion

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DesiredStateConfiguration DSC DSCResourceKit DSCResource


DefaultGatewayAddress DnsClientGlobalSetting DnsConnectionSuffix DNSServerAddress Firewall FirewallProfile HostsFile IPAddress IPAddressOption NetAdapterAdvancedProperty NetAdapterBinding NetAdapterLso NetAdapterName NetAdapterRDMA NetAdapterRsc NetAdapterRss NetAdapterState NetBIOS NetConnectionProfile NetIPInterface NetworkTeam NetworkTeamInterface ProxySettings Route WINSSetting


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

- NetAdapterAdvancedProperty:
 - Added support for RegistryKeyword `MaxRxRing1Length` and
   `NumRxBuffersSmall` - fixes [Issue 387](
- Firewall:
 - Prevent "Parameter set cannot be resolved using the specified named
   parameters" error when updating rule when group name is specified - fixes
   [Issue 130]( and
   [Issue 191](
- Opted into Common Tests "Common Tests - Validate Localization" -
 fixes [Issue 393](
- Combined all `NetworkingDsc.ResourceHelper` module functions into
 `NetworkingDsc.Common` module - fixes [Issue 394](
- Renamed all localization strings so that they are detected by
 "Common Tests - Validate Localization".
- Fixed issues with mismatched localization strings.
- Updated all common functions with the latest versions from
- Fixed an issue with the helper function `Test-IsNanoServer` that
 prevented it to work. Though the helper function is not used, so this
 issue was not caught until now when unit tests was added.
- Corrected style violations in `NetworkingDsc.Common`.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
8.2.0 621,601 10/16/2020
8.2.0-previe... 2 10/13/2020
8.1.1-previe... 2 9/21/2020
8.1.0 404,496 8/4/2020
8.1.0-previe... 32 7/27/2020
8.1.0-previe... 23 7/11/2020
8.1.0-previe... 18 7/4/2020
8.0.0 27,925 6/21/2020
8.0.0-previe... 7 6/21/2020
8.0.0-previe... 150 5/4/2020
8.0.0-previe... 100 3/26/2020
8.0.0-previe... 44 2/15/2020
8.0.0-previe... 43 1/20/2020 1,368,956 9/19/2019 69,437 6/26/2019 (current version) 20,310 5/15/2019 37,187 4/3/2019 79,135 2/20/2019 13,572 1/10/2019 9,222 11/29/2018 19,120 9/5/2018 52,425,665 6/13/2018
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