PowerShell Module Wrapper for WinSCP.

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Install-Module -Name WinSCP -RequiredVersion

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Thomas J. Malkewitz @dotps1


(c) 2017 Thomas J. Malkewitz @dotps1. All rights reserved. Licensed with GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.



Ftp Sftp WinSCP


ConvertTo-WinSCPEscapedString Get-WinSCPChildItem Get-WinSCPItem Get-WinSCPItemChecksum Get-WinSCPSession Get-WinSCPSshHostKeyFingerprint Invoke-WinSCPCommand Move-WinSCPItem New-WinSCPItem New-WinSCPItemPermission New-WinSCPSessionOption New-WinSCPSession New-WinSCPTransferOption New-WinSCPTransferResumeSupport Receive-WinSCPItem Remove-WinSCPItem Remove-WinSCPSession Rename-WinSCPItem Send-WinSCPItem Start-WinSCPConsole Sync-WinSCPPath Test-WinSCPPath


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

I have been revisiting this module as of late, add making some major changes, they will be released when the WinSCP Assembly 5.11 is released. Here are some of the key points as of 2017-07-01:

New functions:
The New-WinSCPSession has been split into two functions, most of the configurations for the session have been moved to the New-WinSCPSessionOption command. This will mimic the functionality of New-CimSessionOption and New-CimSession.
PS C:\> New-WinSCPSession -SessionOption (New-WinSCPSessionOption -HostName
The session is not longer auto disposed when passed in the pipeline, handling the session state is now your responsibility.
I am completely overhauling the help, and adding more examples using Sapiens Help Writer.
The New-WinSCPSessionOption defaults to using Anonymous authentication.
And much much more!
Use at your own risk.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated 1,250 5/9/2019 4,169 3/21/2019 612 3/15/2019 7,197 1/14/2019 14,323 12/22/2018 6,377 12/13/2018 2,662 11/9/2018 11,790 9/7/2018 5,525 6/21/2018 2,394 5/14/2018 2,484 4/2/2018 76 3/29/2018 11 3/29/2018 43 3/28/2018 80 3/26/2018 3,148 10/24/2017 827 10/12/2017 35,931 9/15/2017 339 9/11/2017 52 9/7/2017 18 9/7/2017 (current version) 19 9/6/2017 1,240 6/21/2017 640 5/12/2017 286 4/26/2017 807 2/23/2017 428 1/12/2017 341 12/10/2016 757 9/14/2016 372 8/13/2016 602 5/26/2016
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