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The AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell lets developers and administrators manage their AWS services from the Windows PowerShell scripting environment.


PS> Save-Module -Name AWSPowerShell -Path <path> -RequiredVersion


PS> Install-Module -Name AWSPowerShell -RequiredVersion


See Documentation for more details.

Release Notes

### (2018-02-13)
  * AWS Lambda
    * [Breaking Change] The response data from the service's GetPolicy API has been extended to emit both the policy and revision ID of the policy. The output from the corresponding Get-LMPolicy cmdlet has therefore been changed to emit the service response to the pipeline. To keep the original behavior your scripts need to be changed to use _(Get-LMPolicy).Policy_ in place of _Get-LMPolicy_.
    * Updated the Add-LMPermission, Publish-LMVersion, Remove-LMPermission, Update-LMAlias and Update-LMFunctionConfiguration cmdlets to support setting Revision ID on your function versions and aliases, to track and apply conditional updates when you are updating your function version or alias resources.
  * AWS Key Management Service.
    * [Breaking Change] The cmdlet for the service's ListKeyPolicies API had been named in error as Get-KMSKysPolicyList due to a typo. This has now been corrected and the cmdlet name updated to Get-KMSKeyPolicyList.
  * AWS CodeBuild
    * Added new parameters to the Start-CBBuild and Update-CBProject cmdlets to support shallow clone and GitHub Enterprise.
  * AWS Device Farm
    * Updated the New-DFRemoteAccessSession cmdlet to support the service's new InteractionMode setting for the DirectDeviceAccess feature.
  * AWS Elemental MediaLive
    * Updated the New-EMLChannel cmdlet to support the new InputSpecification settings (specification of input attributes is used for channel sizing and affects pricing).
  * Amazon CloudFront
    * Updated the Get-CFCloudFrontOriginAccessIdentityList, Get-CFDistributionList, Get-CFDistributionListByWebACLId, Get-CFInvalidationList and Get-CFStreamDistributionList cmdlets to support automatic pagination of result output. The cmdlets will now make repeated calls to obtain all available data and no longer require users to implement their own pagination logic in scripts or at the command line.
  * Amazon Kinesis
    * Added new cmdlet Get-KINShardList to support the new ListShards service API. Using ListShards a Kinesis Data Streams customer or client can get information about shards in a data stream (including meta-data for each shard) without obtaining data stream level information.
  * AWS OpsWorks
    * Added new cmdlet Get-OPSOperatingSystem to support the new DescribeOperatingSystems API.
  * AWS Glue
    * Added parameters to the New-GLUClassifier and Update-GLUEClassifier cmdlets to support specifying the json paths for customized classifiers. The custom path indicates the object, array or field of the json documents the user would like crawlers to inspect when they crawl json files.
  * AWS Service Catalog
    * [Breaking Change] The response data from the service's DescribeProvisionedProduct api has been changed to emit additional data. The output from the corresponding Get-SCProvisionedProduct cmdlet has therefore been changed to now emit the full service response to the pipeline. To keep the original behavior your scriprs need to be changed to use _(Get-SCProvisionedProduct).ProvisionedProductDetail_ in place of _Get-SCProvisionedProduct_.
    * Added cmdlets to support new APIs: Find-SCProvisionedProduct (SearchProvisionedProduct API), Get-SCProvisionedProductPlan (DescribeProvisionedPlan API), Get-SCProvisionedPlanList (ListProvisionedproductPlans API), New-SCProvisionedproductPlan (CreateProvisionedproductPlan API), Remove-SCProvisionedProductPlan (DeleteProvisionedProductPlan API) and Start-SCProvisionedProductPlanExecution (ExecuteProvisionedProductPlan API).
    * Amazon Systems Manager
      * Updated cmdlets with parameters to support Patch Manager enhancements for configuring Linux repos as part of patch baselines, controlling updates of non-OS security packages and also creating patch baselines for SUSE12.
      * Updated service name in cmdlet help documentation.
  * Amazon AppStream
      * Added parameter -RedirectURL to the New-APSStack and Update-APSStack cmdlets enabling a redirect url to be provided for a stack. Users will be redirected to the link provided by the admin at the end of their streaming session. Update-APSStack also now supports a new parameter enabling attributes to be deleted from a stack.
  * AWS Database Migration Service
    * Added cmdlets to support new APIs for replication instance task logs and rebooting instances. Replication instance task logs allows users to see how much storage each log for a task on a given instance is occupying. The reboot API gives users the option to reboot the application software on the instance and force a fail over for MAZ instances to test robustness of their integration with our service. The new cmdlets are Get-DMSReplicationInstanceTaskLog (DescribeReplicationInstanceTaskLogs API) and Restart-DMSReplicationInstance (RebootReplicationInstance API).
  * Amazon EC2
    * Added cmdlets for new APIs to support determining the longer ID opt-in status of their account. The new cmdlets are Get-EC2AggregatedIdFormat (DescribeAggregatedIdFormat API) and Get-EC2PrincipalIdFormat (DescribePrincipalIdFormat API).
  * Amazon GameLift
    * Added cmdlet Start-GMLMatchBackfill to support the new StartMatchBackfill API. This API allows developers to add new players to an existing game session using the same matchmaking rules and player data that were used to initially create the session.
  * AWS Elemental Media Live
    * Added cmdlet Update-EMLChannel to support the new UpdateChannel API. For idle channels you can now update channel name, channel outputs and output destinations, encoder settings, user role ARN, and input specifications. Channel settings can be updated in the console or with API calls. Please note that running channels need to be stopped before they can be updated. We've also deprecated the 'Reserved' field.
  * AWS Elemental Media Store
    * Added cmdlets Get-EMSCorsPolicy (GetCorsPolicy API), Write-EMSCorsPolicy (PutCorsPolicy API) and Remove-EMSCorsPolicy (DeleteCorsPolicy API) to support per-container CORS configuration.
  * Amazon Cognito Identity Provider
    * Added cmdlet Get-CGIPSigningCertificate to support the new  GetSigningCertificate API.
    * Updated the New-CGIPUserPool and Update-CGIPUserPool cmdlets to support user migration using an AWS Lambda trigger.



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  • AWSSDK.AlexaForBusiness.dll
  • AWSSDK.APIGateway.dll
  • AWSSDK.ApplicationAutoScaling.dll
  • AWSSDK.ApplicationDiscoveryService.dll
  • AWSSDK.AppStream.dll
  • AWSSDK.AppSync.dll
  • AWSSDK.Athena.dll
  • AWSSDK.AutoScaling.dll
  • AWSSDK.AWSHealth.dll
  • AWSSDK.AWSMarketplaceCommerceAnalytics.dll
  • AWSSDK.AWSMarketplaceMetering.dll
  • AWSSDK.AWSSupport.dll
  • AWSSDK.Batch.dll
  • AWSSDK.Budgets.dll
  • AWSSDK.CertificateManager.dll
  • AWSSDK.Cloud9.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudDirectory.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudFormation.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudFront.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudHSM.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudHSMV2.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudSearch.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudSearchDomain.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudTrail.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudWatch.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudWatchEvents.dll
  • AWSSDK.CloudWatchLogs.dll
  • AWSSDK.CodeBuild.dll
  • AWSSDK.CodeCommit.dll
  • AWSSDK.CodeDeploy.dll
  • AWSSDK.CodePipeline.dll
  • AWSSDK.CodeStar.dll
  • AWSSDK.CognitoIdentity.dll
  • AWSSDK.CognitoIdentityProvider.dll
  • AWSSDK.Comprehend.dll
  • AWSSDK.ConfigService.dll
  • AWSSDK.Core.dll
  • AWSSDK.CostAndUsageReport.dll
  • AWSSDK.CostExplorer.dll
  • AWSSDK.DatabaseMigrationService.dll
  • AWSSDK.DataPipeline.dll
  • AWSSDK.DAX.dll
  • AWSSDK.DeviceFarm.dll
  • AWSSDK.DirectConnect.dll
  • AWSSDK.DirectoryService.dll
  • AWSSDK.DynamoDBv2.dll
  • AWSSDK.EC2.dll
  • AWSSDK.ECR.dll
  • AWSSDK.ECS.dll
  • AWSSDK.ElastiCache.dll
  • AWSSDK.ElasticBeanstalk.dll
  • AWSSDK.ElasticFileSystem.dll
  • AWSSDK.ElasticLoadBalancing.dll
  • AWSSDK.ElasticLoadBalancingV2.dll
  • AWSSDK.ElasticMapReduce.dll
  • AWSSDK.Elasticsearch.dll
  • AWSSDK.ElasticTranscoder.dll
  • AWSSDK.GameLift.dll
  • AWSSDK.Glue.dll
  • AWSSDK.Greengrass.dll
  • AWSSDK.GuardDuty.dll
  • AWSSDK.IdentityManagement.dll
  • AWSSDK.ImportExport.dll
  • AWSSDK.Inspector.dll
  • AWSSDK.IoT.dll
  • AWSSDK.IoTJobsDataPlane.dll
  • AWSSDK.KeyManagementService.dll
  • AWSSDK.Kinesis.dll
  • AWSSDK.KinesisAnalytics.dll
  • AWSSDK.KinesisFirehose.dll
  • AWSSDK.KinesisVideo.dll
  • AWSSDK.KinesisVideoMedia.dll
  • AWSSDK.Lambda.dll
  • AWSSDK.Lex.dll
  • AWSSDK.LexModelBuildingService.dll
  • AWSSDK.Lightsail.dll
  • AWSSDK.MachineLearning.dll
  • AWSSDK.MarketplaceEntitlementService.dll
  • AWSSDK.MediaConvert.dll
  • AWSSDK.MediaLive.dll
  • AWSSDK.MediaPackage.dll
  • AWSSDK.MediaStore.dll
  • AWSSDK.MediaStoreData.dll
  • AWSSDK.MigrationHub.dll
  • AWSSDK.MQ.dll
  • AWSSDK.MTurk.dll
  • AWSSDK.OpsWorks.dll
  • AWSSDK.OpsWorksCM.dll
  • AWSSDK.Organizations.dll
  • AWSSDK.Pinpoint.dll
  • AWSSDK.Polly.dll
  • AWSSDK.Pricing.dll
  • AWSSDK.RDS.dll
  • AWSSDK.Redshift.dll
  • AWSSDK.Rekognition.dll
  • AWSSDK.ResourceGroups.dll
  • AWSSDK.ResourceGroupsTaggingAPI.dll
  • AWSSDK.Route53.dll
  • AWSSDK.Route53Domains.dll
  • AWSSDK.S3.dll
  • AWSSDK.SageMaker.dll
  • AWSSDK.SageMakerRuntime.dll
  • AWSSDK.SecurityToken.dll
  • AWSSDK.ServerlessApplicationRepository.dll
  • AWSSDK.ServerMigrationService.dll
  • AWSSDK.ServiceCatalog.dll
  • AWSSDK.Shield.dll
  • AWSSDK.SimpleEmail.dll
  • AWSSDK.SimpleNotificationService.dll
  • AWSSDK.SimpleSystemsManagement.dll
  • AWSSDK.SimpleWorkflow.dll
  • AWSSDK.Snowball.dll
  • AWSSDK.SQS.dll
  • AWSSDK.StepFunctions.dll
  • AWSSDK.StorageGateway.dll
  • AWSSDK.TranscribeService.dll
  • AWSSDK.Translate.dll
  • AWSSDK.WAF.dll
  • AWSSDK.WAFRegional.dll
  • AWSSDK.WorkDocs.dll
  • AWSSDK.WorkSpaces.dll
  • AWSSDK.XRay.dll
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