This is a Public Preview release of Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module.
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This is a prerelease version of ExchangeOnlineManagement.
There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
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Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement -RequiredVersion 2.0.6-Preview6 -AllowPrerelease

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Exchange ExchangeOnline EXO EXOV2 Mailbox Management


Get-EXOCasMailbox Get-EXOMailbox Get-EXOMailboxFolderPermission Get-EXOMailboxFolderStatistics Get-EXOMailboxPermission Get-EXOMailboxStatistics Get-EXOMobileDeviceStatistics Get-EXORecipient Get-EXORecipientPermission Get-MyAnalyticsFeatureConfig Get-UserBriefingConfig Get-VivaInsightsSettings Set-MyAnalyticsFeatureConfig Set-UserBriefingConfig Set-VivaInsightsSettings New-CustomNudge Set-CustomNudge Get-CustomNudge Remove-CustomNudge New-CustomNudgeAssignment Set-CustomNudgeAssignment Get-CustomNudgeAssignment Remove-CustomNudgeAssignment Set-CustomNudgeSettings Get-CustomNudgeSettings


Connect-ExchangeOnline Connect-IPPSSession Disconnect-ExchangeOnline


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Whats new in this release:

v2.0.6-Preview6 :
   1. Compliance with Continuous Access Evaluation(CAE). If you have any Conditional Access policy enabled for your organization, you can now use RPS and the REST-based cmdlets in addition to the EXO cmdlets.
   2. Revamped error reporting framework for the REST-based cmdlets that maintains an individual log file per connection to EXO from the same powershell instance.
   3. Bug fixes in Connect-ExchangeOnline.

Previous Releases:

v2.0.6-Preview5 :
   1. General availability of Certificate Based Authentication feature which enables using Modern Authentication in Unattended Scripting or background automation scenarios for Connect-IPPSSession.
   2. Cmdlets for creating and assigning custom nudges to users that will show in their briefing emails have been introduced. These include the cmdlets ending in *-CustomNudge, *-CustomNudgeSettings, and *-CustomNudgeAssignment. As these cmdlets are still in development, they may not yet be enabled for your tenant.
   3. The Get-OwnerlessGroupPolicy and Set-OwnerlessGroupPolicy cmdlets that are available in version 2.0.5 have been deprecated and are no longer available. You can manage ownerless Microsoft 365 Groups in the Microsoft 365 admin center.
   4. Bug fixes in Connect-ExchangeOnline and Disconnect-ExchangeOnline.

   1. Add new Feature DiscoverTryBuy in cmdlets Get-VivaInsightsSettings and Set-VivaInsightsSettings for Global/ExchangeOnline/Teams administrators to control user access of Discover Try Buy features in Viva Insights.

v2.0.6-Preview3 :
   1. This version contains all the * EXO * cmdlets along with 250 Remote PowerShell cmdlets which are REST API backed. These REST API backed cmdlets do not need PowerShell session and hence they do not need WinRM Basic Auth to be enabled and they work as-is without requiring any change in script.
   2. Use switch -RPSSession to use the default set of all ~900 RPS Cmdlets. Using RPSSession switch needs WinRM Basic Auth to be enabled on your client machine.
   3. For certain RPS Cmdlets, use switch -UseCustomRouting to route your requests directly to the required mailbox server and it may improve the performance of overall script execution. In case UseCustomRouting flag is passed, please pass the value of either of UserPrincipalName, SmtpAddress, MailboxGuid. Use this parameter as an experiment and share feedback to
       - This parameter is initially available for these 20 cmdlets and can be updated - Get-MailboxStatistics,Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration,Get-MailboxMessageConfiguration,Get-MailboxPermission,Get-MailboxFolderStatistics,Get-MobileDeviceStatistics,Get-InboxRule,Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration,Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration,Get-UserPhoto,Set-UserPhoto,Remove-CalendarEvents,Set-Clutter,Get-MailboxCalendarFolder,Get-Clutter,Get-MailboxFolderPermission,Get-FocusedInbox,Set-FocusedInbox. For more accurate information, please check online documentation of EXO PowerShell V2 Module.

v2.0.5 :
   1. Manage ownerless Microsoft 365 groups through newly added cmdlets Get-OwnerlessGroupPolicy and Set-OwnerlessGroupPolicy.
   2. Add new cmdlets Get-VivaInsightsSettings and Set-VivaInsightsSettings for Global/ExchangeOnline/Teams administrators to control user access of Headspace features in Viva Insights.



Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.2.0-Preview2 1,121 3/20/2023
3.2.0-Preview1 1,878 2/27/2023
3.1.0 895,876 1/9/2023
3.1.0-Preview2 1,598 12/19/2022
3.1.0-Preview1 1,385 12/5/2022
3.0.1-Preview1 1,724 11/14/2022
3.0.0 2,017,488 9/19/2022
2.0.6-Preview8 3,123 9/9/2022
2.0.6-Preview7 1,490,691 8/13/2022
2.0.6-Preview6 (current version) 37,609 5/20/2022
2.0.6-Preview5 41,941 3/17/2022
2.0.6-preview4 3,280 1/13/2022
2.0.6-Preview3 11,498 10/20/2021
2.0.5 6,537,440 5/11/2021
2.0.5-Preview2 628 4/30/2021
2.0.5-Preview1 735 4/21/2021
2.0.4 491,945 2/5/2021
2.0.4-Preview9 2,049 1/19/2021
2.0.4-Preview8 254 1/4/2021
2.0.4-Preview6 23,175 11/6/2020
2.0.4-Preview2 104,353 9/22/2020
2.0.3 504,297 9/21/2020
2.0.3-Preview 8,751 6/30/2020
1.0.1 256,980 6/3/2020
0.4578.0 518,469 4/16/2020
0.4368.1 23,375 3/30/2020
0.3582.0 39,343 2/10/2020
0.3555.1 13,865 1/22/2020
0.3374.11 11,970 1/15/2020
0.3374.10 5,475 12/27/2019
0.3374.9 17,552 11/26/2019
0.3374.4 7,693 10/31/2019
0.3374.1 812 10/25/2019
0.3374.0 597 10/22/2019
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