This is a Public Preview release of the Exchange Online PowerShell V3 module. Exchange Online cmdlets in this module are REST-backed and do not require Basic Authentication to be enabled in WinRM.
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This is a prerelease version of ExchangeOnlineManagement.
There is a newer prerelease version of this module available.
See the version list below for details.

Installation Options

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Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement -RequiredVersion 3.2.0-Preview3 -AllowPrerelease

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Install-PSResource -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement -Version 3.2.0-Preview3 -Prerelease

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Exchange ExchangeOnline EXO EXOV2 Mailbox Management


Add-VivaModuleFeaturePolicy Get-ConnectionInformation Get-DefaultTenantBriefingConfig Get-DefaultTenantMyAnalyticsFeatureConfig Get-EXOCasMailbox Get-EXOMailbox Get-EXOMailboxFolderPermission Get-EXOMailboxFolderStatistics Get-EXOMailboxPermission Get-EXOMailboxStatistics Get-EXOMobileDeviceStatistics Get-EXORecipient Get-EXORecipientPermission Get-MyAnalyticsFeatureConfig Get-UserBriefingConfig Get-VivaInsightsSettings Get-VivaModuleFeature Get-VivaModuleFeatureEnablement Get-VivaModuleFeaturePolicy Remove-VivaModuleFeaturePolicy Set-DefaultTenantBriefingConfig Set-DefaultTenantMyAnalyticsFeatureConfig Set-MyAnalyticsFeatureConfig Set-UserBriefingConfig Set-VivaInsightsSettings Update-VivaModuleFeaturePolicy


Connect-ExchangeOnline Connect-IPPSSession Disconnect-ExchangeOnline


This module has no dependencies.

Release Notes

Whats new in this release:

v3.2.0-Preview3 :
   1.  Bug fixes in Disconnect-ExchangeOnline.
   2.  Bug fixes in Set-DefaultTenantMyAnalyticsFeatureConfig.
   3.  Preview of REST based cmdlets for SCC powershell: Added UseRPSSession parameter to Connect-IPPSSession.

Previous Releases:

v3.2.0-Preview2 :
   1.  Preview Release of new cmdlets:
       -  View the features in Viva that support setting access management policies (Get-VivaModuleFeature)
       -  Create and manage Viva app feature policies
          -  Get-VivaModuleFeaturePolicy
          -  Add-VivaModuleFeaturePolicy
          -  Remove-VivaModuleFeaturePolicy
          -  Update-VivaModuleFeaturePolicy
       -  View whether or not a Viva feature is enabled for a specific user (Get-VivaModuleFeatureEnablement)
       This release is to support private preview of access management policies in Viva, and the new cmdlets listed above will only work for tenants participating in that program.

   2.  Support to get REST connection informations from Get-ConnectionInformation cmdlet for specific connection(s).
   3.  Support to disconnect REST connections using Disconnect-ExchangeOnline cmdlet for specific connection(s).

v3.2.0-Preview1 :
   1.  Preview Release of new cmdlets:
       -  Updating Briefing Email Settings of a tenant (Get-DefaultTenantBriefingConfig and Set-DefaultTenantBriefingConfig)
       -  Updating Viva Insights Feature Settings of a tenant (Get-DefaultTenantMyAnalyticsFeatureConfig and Set-DefaultTenantMyAnalyticsFeatureConfig)
   2.  Bug fixes in Connect-ExchangeOnline.

v3.1.0 :
   1.  Support for providing an Access Token with Connect-ExchangeOnline.
   2.  Bug fixes in Connect-ExchangeOnline and Get-ConnectionInformation.
   3.  Bug fix in Connect-IPPSSession for connecting to Security and Compliance PowerShell using Certificate Thumbprint.

v3.0.0 :
   1.  General Availability of REST-backed cmdlets for Exchange Online which do not require WinRM Basic Authentication to be enabled.
   2.  General Availability of Certificate Based Authentication for Security and Compliance PowerShell cmdlets.
   3.  Support for System-Assigned and User-Assigned ManagedIdentities to connect to ExchangeOnline from Azure VMs, Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets and Azure Functions.
   4.  Breaking changes
       -   Get-PSSession cannot be used to get information about the sessions created as PowerShell Remoting is no longer being used. The Get-ConnectionInformation cmdlet has been introduced instead, to get information about the existing connections to ExchangeOnline. Refer for more information.
       -   Certain cmdlets that used to prompt for confirmation in specific scenarios will no longer have this prompt and the cmdlet will run to completion by default.
       -   The format of the error returned from a failed cmdlet execution has been slightly modified. The Exception contains some additional data such as the exception type, and the FullyQualifiedErrorId does not contain the FailureCategory. The format of the error is subject to further modifications.
       -   Deprecation of the Get-OwnerlessGroupPolicy and Set-OwnerlessGroupPolicy cmdlets.

v2.0.5 :
   1. Manage ownerless Microsoft 365 groups through newly added cmdlets Get-OwnerlessGroupPolicy and Set-OwnerlessGroupPolicy.
   2. Add new cmdlets Get-VivaInsightsSettings and Set-VivaInsightsSettings for Global/ExchangeOnline/Teams administrators to control user access of Headspace features in Viva Insights.



Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
3.5.1-Preview1 4,431 6/4/2024
3.5.0 975,350 5/17/2024
3.5.0-Preview2 3,695 5/3/2024
3.4.2-Preview1 8,270 3/4/2024
3.4.1-Preview1 9,995 12/12/2023
3.4.0 7,844,864 10/10/2023
3.4.0-Preview1 1,899 9/25/2023
3.3.1-Preview1 766 9/18/2023
3.3.0 1,623,287 9/7/2023
3.3.0-Preview1 3,925 8/4/2023
3.2.0 1,912,991 6/21/2023
3.2.0-Preview4 4,636 5/26/2023
3.2.0-Preview3 (current version) 5,073 4/28/2023
3.2.0-Preview2 4,843 3/20/2023
3.2.0-Preview1 2,967 2/27/2023
3.1.0 2,113,025 1/9/2023
3.1.0-Preview2 1,864 12/19/2022
3.1.0-Preview1 1,488 12/5/2022
3.0.1-Preview1 1,760 11/14/2022
3.0.0 7,878,986 9/19/2022
2.0.6-Preview8 4,116 9/9/2022
2.0.6-Preview7 1,656,265 8/13/2022
2.0.6-Preview6 51,337 5/20/2022
2.0.6-Preview5 50,996 3/17/2022
2.0.6-preview4 3,393 1/13/2022
2.0.6-Preview3 11,820 10/20/2021
2.0.5 7,195,729 5/11/2021
2.0.5-Preview2 637 4/30/2021
2.0.5-Preview1 950 4/21/2021
2.0.4 560,985 2/5/2021
2.0.4-Preview9 2,054 1/19/2021
2.0.4-Preview8 257 1/4/2021
2.0.4-Preview6 23,294 11/6/2020
2.0.4-Preview2 106,521 9/22/2020
2.0.3 527,103 9/21/2020
2.0.3-Preview 8,847 6/30/2020
1.0.1 261,017 6/3/2020
0.4578.0 518,582 4/16/2020
0.4368.1 23,401 3/30/2020
0.3582.0 39,360 2/10/2020
0.3555.1 13,892 1/22/2020
0.3374.11 11,975 1/15/2020
0.3374.10 5,479 12/27/2019
0.3374.9 17,586 11/26/2019
0.3374.4 7,738 10/31/2019
0.3374.1 826 10/25/2019
0.3374.0 636 10/22/2019
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