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By: | 7,837 downloads | Last Updated: 3/23/2023 | Latest Version: 1.5.0

Convert simplifies object conversions by exposing common requirements as PowerShell functions.

By: | 871 downloads | Last Updated: 9/25/2018 | Latest Version: 1.0.5

Horker DataQuery is a database query utility based on ADO.NET. The main features are: - Written in C# so that it works fast for large data - Supports every database product that provides the ADO.NET driver, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Access, OLEDB and ODBC - PowerShell interoperatability; gets query results as Po... More info

By: | 423 downloads | Last Updated: 2/3/2020 | Latest Version: 0.1.1

this module contains the cmdlets to convert the SID (security identifier) of a Windows user or group account to the name of this account and backward

By: | 140 downloads | Last Updated: 1/6/2022 | Latest Version: 0.9.2

Small utility PowerShell module with function to convert System.Data.DataRow objects to OrderedDictionary or PSCustomObject.

By: | 130 downloads | Last Updated: 3/13/2023 | Latest Version: 1.0.2

This command is designed to accept pipelined output and create a markdown document. The pipeline output will formatted as a text block. You can optionally define a title, content to appear before the output and content to appear after the output. The command does not create a text file. You need to pipe results from this command to a cmdlet like... More info

By: | 81 downloads | Last Updated: 9/27/2023 | Latest Version: 1.1

ClipboardTools enhances efficiency when working with tools like Graph Explorer, Graph API, and various data formats like JSON. This suite offers robust validation and conversion tools for diverse data types, always utilizing the clipboard for data processing. Whether you are reading from or returning data to the clipboard, these tools become indisp... More info