Microsoft Azure PowerShell - Cmdlets to manage resources in Azure. This module is compatible with WindowsPowerShell and PowerShell Core.

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Install-Module -Name Az -RequiredVersion 3.0.0

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Release Notes

3.0.0 - November 2019
* Add a deprecation message for 'Resolve-Error' alias.

* Added new category 'Operational Excellence' to Get-AzAdvisorRecommendation cmdlet.

* Introduced UrlRewriteAction and CacheKeyQueryStringAction to RulesEngine.
* Fixed several bugs like missing 'Selector' Input in New-AzDeliveryRuleCondition cmdlet.

* Renamed `CoreQuota` on `BatchAccountContext` to `DedicatedCoreQuota`. There is also a new `LowPriorityCoreQuota`.
 - This impacts **Get-AzBatchAccount**.
* **New-AzBatchTask** `-ResourceFile` parameter now takes a collection of `PSResourceFile` objects, which can be constructed using the new **New-AzBatchResourceFile** cmdlet.
* New **New-AzBatchResourceFile** cmdlet to help create `PSResourceFile` objects. These can be supplied to **New-AzBatchTask** on the `-ResourceFile` parameter.
 - This supports two new kinds of resource file in addition to the existing `HttpUrl` way:
   - `AutoStorageContainerName` based resource files download an entire auto-storage container to the Batch node.
   - `StorageContainerUrl` based resource files download the container specified in the URL to the Batch node.
* Removed `ApplicationPackages` property of `PSApplication` returned by **Get-AzBatchApplication**.
 - The specific packages inside of an application now can be retrieved using **Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage**. For example: `Get-AzBatchApplication -AccountName myaccount -ResourceGroupName myresourcegroup -ApplicationId myapplication`.
* Renamed `ApplicationId` to `ApplicationName` on **Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage**, **New-AzBatchApplicationPackage**, **Remove-AzBatchApplicationPackage**, **Get-AzBatchApplication**, **New-AzBatchApplication**, **Remove-AzBatchApplication**, and **Set-AzBatchApplication**.
 - `ApplicationId` now is an alias of `ApplicationName`.
* Added new `PSWindowsUserConfiguration` property to `PSUserAccount`.
* Renamed `Version` to `Name` on `PSApplicationPackage`.
* Renamed `BlobSource` to `HttpUrl` on `PSResourceFile`.
* Removed `OSDisk` property from `PSVirtualMachineConfiguration`.
* Removed **Set-AzBatchPoolOSVersion**. This operation is no longer supported.
* Removed `TargetOSVersion` from `PSCloudServiceConfiguration`.
* Renamed `CurrentOSVersion` to `OSVersion` on `PSCloudServiceConfiguration`.
* Removed `DataEgressGiB` and `DataIngressGiB` from `PSPoolUsageMetrics`.
* Removed **Get-AzBatchNodeAgentSku** and replaced it with  **Get-AzBatchSupportedImage**.
 - **Get-AzBatchSupportedImage** returns the same data as **Get-AzBatchNodeAgentSku** but in a more friendly format.
 - New non-verified images are also now returned. Additional information about `Capabilities` and `BatchSupportEndOfLife` for each image is also included.

* Disk Encryption Set feature
   - New cmdlets:
   - DiskEncryptionSetId parameter is added to the following cmdlets:
   - DiskEncryptionSetId and EncryptionType parameters are added to the following cmdlets:
* Add PublicIPAddressVersion parameter to New-AzVmssIPConfig
* Add ScaleInPolicy to New-AzVmss, New-AzVmssConfig and Update-AzVmss cmdlets
* Breaking changes
   - UploadSizeInBytes parameter is used instead of DiskSizeGB for New-AzDiskConfig when CreateOption is Upload
   - PublishingProfile.Source.ManagedImage.Id is replaced with StorageProfile.Source.Id in GalleryImageVersion object

* Update ADF .Net SDK version to 4.3.0

* Update ADLS SDK version (, brings following fixes
* Avoid throwing exception while unable to deserialize the creationtime of the trash or directory entry.
* Expose setting per request timeout in adlsclient
* Fix EnumerateDirectory to retrieve continuation token once response is checked

* Fixed miscellaneous typos across module

* Fixed the bug that customer will get 'Not a valid Base-64 string' error when using Get-AzHDInsightCluster to get the cluster with ADLSGen1 storage.
* Add a parameter named 'ApplicationId' to three cmdlets Add-AzHDInsightClusterIdentity, New-AzHDInsightClusterConfig and New-AzHDInsightCluster so that customer can provide the service principal application id for accessing Azure Data Lake.
* Changed Microsoft.Azure.Management.HDInsight from 2.1.0 to 5.1.0
* Removed five cmdlets:
   - Get-AzHDInsightOMS
   - Enable-AzHDInsightOMS
   - Disable-AzHDInsightOMS
   - Grant-AzHDInsightRdpServicesAccess
   - Revoke-AzHDInsightRdpServicesAccess
* Added three cmdlets:
   - Get-AzHDInsightMonitoring to replace Get-AzHDInsightOMS.
   - Enable-AzHDInsightMonitoring to replace Enable-AzHDInsightOMS.
   - Disable-AzHDInsightMonitoring to replace Disable-AzHDInsightOMS.
* Removed parameter sets('Spark1', 'Spark2') from Add-AzHDInsightConfigValue.
* Changed output type of the following cmdlets:
*  - Changed the output type of Get-AzHDInsightProperties from  CapabilitiesResponse to AzureHDInsightCapabilities.
*  - Changed the output type of Remove-AzHDInsightCluster from ClusterGetResponse to bool.
*  - Changed the output type of Set-AzHDInsightGatewaySettings HttpConnectivitySettings to GatewaySettings.
* Remove some alias: 'Add-AzHDInsightConfigValues', 'Get-AzHDInsightProperties'.

* Change all cmdlets for PrivateEndpointConnection to support generic service provider.
   - Updated cmdlet:
       - Approve-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
       - Deny-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
       - Get-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
       - Remove-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
       - Set-AzPrivateEndpointConnection
* Add new cmdlet for PrivateLinkResource and it also support generic service provider.
   - New cmdlet:
       - Get-AzPrivateLinkResource
* Add new fields and parameter for the feature Proxy Protocol V2.
   - Add property EnableProxyProtocol in PrivateLinkService
   - Add property LinkIdentifier in PrivateEndpointConnection
   - Updated New-AzPrivateLinkService to add a new optional parameter EnableProxyProtocol.
* New cmdlets to support the azure firewall policy
* Add support for child resource RouteTables of VirtualHub
   - New cmdlets added:
       - Add-AzVirtualHubRoute
       - Add-AzVirtualHubRouteTable
       - Get-AzVirtualHubRouteTable
       - Remove-AzVirtualHubRouteTable
       - Set-AzVirtualHub
* Add support for new properties Sku of VirtualHub and VirtualWANType of VirtualWan
   - Cmdlets updated with optional parameters:
       - New-AzVirtualHub : added parameter Sku
       - Update-AzVirtualHub : added parameter Sku
       - New-AzVirtualWan : added parameter VirtualWANType
       - Update-AzVirtualWan : added parameter VirtualWANType
* Add support for Configuring TopLevel WebApplicationFirewall Policy
   - New cmdlets added:
       - New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicy*
   - Cmdlets updated with optional parameters:
       - New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicy : added parameter PolicySetting, ManagedRule
* Added support for Geo-Match operator on CustomRule
   - Added GeoMatch to the operator on the FirewallCondition
* Added support for perListener and perSite Firewall policy
   - Cmdlets updated with optional parameters:
       - New-AzApplicationGatewayHttpListener : added parameter FirewallPolicy, FirewallPolicyId
       - New-AzApplicationGatewayPathRuleConfig : added parameter FirewallPolicy, FirewallPolicyId
* Add support for top level resource RouteTables of IpGroup
   - New cmdlets added:
       - New-AzIpGroup
       - Remove-AzIpGroup
       - Get-AzIpGroup
       - Set-AzIpGroup

* Configure networking resources like NSG, public IP and internal load balancers for Azure to Azure.
* Write to managed disk for vMWare to Azure.
* NIC reduction for vMWare to Azure.
* Accelerated networking for Azure to Azure.
* Agent auto update for Azure to Azure.
* Standard SSD for Azure to Azure.
* Azure Disk Encryption two pass for Azure to Azure.
* Protect newly added disk for Azure to Azure.
* Added SoftDelete feature for VM and added tests for softdelete

* Update dependency assemlby Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory from 1.1.1 to 2.2

* Remove Add-AzServiceFabricApplicationCertificate cmdlet as this scenario is covered by Add-AzVmssSecret.

* Added support for restore of dropped databases on Managed Instances.
* Deprecated from code old auditing cmdlets.
* Removed deprecated aliases:
* Get-AzSqlDatabaseIndexRecommendations (use Get-AzSqlDatabaseIndexRecommendation instead)
* Get-AzSqlDatabaseRestorePoints (use Get-AzSqlDatabaseRestorePoint instead)
* Remove Get-AzSqlDatabaseSecureConnectionPolicy cmdlet
* Remove aliases for deprecated Vulnerability Assessment Settings cmdlets
* Deprecate Advanced Threat Detection Settings cmdlets
* Adding cmdlets to Disable and enable sensitivity recommendations on columns in a database.

* Support enable Large File share when create or update Storage account
   -  New-AzStorageAccount
   -  Set-AzStorageAccount
* When close/get File handle, skip check the input path is File directory or File, to avoid failure with object in DeletePending status
   -  Get-AzStorageFileHandle
   -  Close-AzStorageFileHandle

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
4.0.1-preview 468 10/9/2019
3.1.0 263,803 11/26/2019
3.0.0 (current version) 307,998 11/4/2019
2.8.0 204,766 10/15/2019
2.7.0 180,225 9/24/2019
2.6.0 278,702 8/27/2019
2.5.0 285,015 7/30/2019
2.4.0 172,526 7/2/2019
2.3.2 145,777 6/18/2019
2.2.0 76,429 6/4/2019
2.1.0 66,338 5/21/2019
2.0.0 78,991 5/6/2019
1.8.0 246,192 4/23/2019
1.7.0 52,562 4/9/2019
1.6.0 58,353 3/26/2019
1.5.0 54,826 3/12/2019
1.4.0 42,669 2/26/2019
1.3.0 30,933 2/12/2019
1.2.1 24,702 1/31/2019
1.2.0 4,362 1/29/2019
1.1.0 19,604 1/15/2019
1.0.1 33,238 12/18/2018
1.0.0 2,719 12/18/2018
0.7.0 13,402 12/4/2018
0.6.1 8,987 11/21/2018
0.5.0 9,475 11/6/2018
0.4.0 10,842 10/23/2018
0.3.0 10,604 10/9/2018
0.2.2 4,765 9/24/2018
0.1.0 180 8/28/2018