Microsoft Azure PowerShell - Cmdlets to manage resources in Azure. This module is compatible with WindowsPowerShell and PowerShell Core.
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Install-Module -Name Az -RequiredVersion 4.1.0

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Release Notes

4.1.0 - May 2020
* Updated 'Add-AzEnvironment' and 'Set-AzEnvironment' to accept parameters 'AzureSynapseAnalyticsEndpointResourceId' and 'AzureSynapseAnalyticsEndpointSuffix'
* Added Azure.Core related assemblies into Az.Accounts, supported PowerShell platforms include Windows PowerShell 5.1, PowerShell Core 6.2.4, PowerShell 7+

* Upgraded API Version to 2019-10-01
* Supported to create AKS using Windows container
* Provided new cmdlets: 'New-AzAksNodePool', 'Update-AzAksNodePool', 'Remove-AzAksNodePool',
        'Get-AzAksNodePool', 'Install-AzAksKubectl', 'Get-AzAksVersion'

* 'New-AzApiManagement' and 'Set-AzApiManagement': [-AssignIdentity] parameter renamed as [-SystemAssignedIdentity]
* 'New-AzApiManagement' and 'Set-AzApiManagement': New parameter added: [-UserAssignedIdentity <String[]>]
* 'Get-AzApiManagementProperty': renamed as 'Get-AzApiManagementNamedValue'. PropertyId parameter renamed as NamedValueId.
* 'New-AzApiManagementProperty': renamed as 'New-AzApiManagementNamedValue'. PropertyId parameter renamed as NamedValueId.
* 'Set-AzApiManagementProperty': renamed as 'Set-AzApiManagementNamedValue'. PropertyId parameter renamed as NamedValueId.
* 'Remove-AzApiManagementProperty': renamed as 'Remove-AzApiManagementNamedValue'. PropertyId parameter renamed as NamedValueId.

* Added Parameters: 'RetentionInDays' 'PublicNetworkAccessForIngestion' 'PublicNetworkAccessForQuery' for 'New-AzApplicationInsights'
* Created cmdlet 'Update-AzApplicationInsights'
* Created cmdlets for Linked Storage Account

* Updated Az.Batch to use 'Microsoft.Azure.Batch' SDK version 13.0.0 and 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.Batch' SDK version 9.0.0.
* Added the ability to select the kind of certificate being added using the new '-CertificateKind' parameter to 'New-AzBatchCertificate'.
* Removed 'ApplicationPackages' property from 'PSApplication' which was previously always ''.
 - The specific packages inside of an application now can be retrieved using 'Get-AzBatchApplicationPackage'. For example: 'Get-AzBatchApplication -AccountName myaccount -ResourceGroupName myresourcegroup -ApplicationId myapplication'.
* When creating a pool using 'New-AzBatchPool', the 'VirtualMachineImageId' property of 'PSImageReference' can now only refer to a Shared Image Gallery image.
* When creating a pool using 'New-AzBatchPool', the pool can be provisioned without a public IP using the new 'PublicIPAddressConfiguration' property of 'PSNetworkConfiguration'.
 - The 'PublicIPs' property of 'PSNetworkConfiguration' has moved in to 'PSPublicIPAddressConfiguration' as well. This property can only be specified if 'IPAddressProvisioningType' is 'UserManaged'.

* Added HostId parameter to 'Update-AzVM' cmdlet
* Updated Help documents for 'New-AzVMConfig', 'New-AzVmssConfig', 'Update-AzVmss', 'Set-AzVMOperatingSystem' and 'Set-AzVmssOsProfile' cmdlets.
* Description for 'Get-AzVM' cmdlet has been updated to better describe it.

* Supported CRUD of data flow runtime properties in Managed IR.

* Added new cmdlets for creation, update, retreival, and deletion of Front Door Rules Engine object
* Added helper cmdlets for construction of Front Door Rules Engine object
* Added Rules Engine reference to Front Door Routing Rule object.
* Added Private Link parameters to Front Door Backend object

* General availability of 'Az.Functions' module

* Supported Customer-managed key disk encryption.

* Access policies are no longer defaulted to the current principal

* Added cmdlet to invoke a query in an IoT hub to retrieve information using a SQL-like language.
* Fix issue that 'Add-AzIotHubDevice' fails to create Edge Enabled Device without child devices [#11597]
* Added cmdlet to generate SAS token for Iot Hub, device or module.
* Added cmdlet to invoke configuration metrics query.
* Manage IoT Edge automatic deployment at scale. New cmdlets are:
* Added cmdlet to invoke an IoT Edge deployment metrics query.
* Added cmdlet to apply the configuration content to the specified edge device.

* Removed two aliases: 'New-AzKeyVaultCertificateAdministratorDetails' and 'New-AzKeyVaultCertificateOrganizationDetails'
* Enabled soft delete by default when creating a key vault
* Network rules can be set to govern the accessibility from specific network locations when creating a key vault
* Added support to bring your own key (BYOK)
* Updated the 'KeyOps' part of the help document of 'Add-AzKeyVaultKey'

* Fixed bug for 'Set-AzDiagnosticSettings', retention policy won't apply to all categories [#11589]
* Supported WebTest availability criteria for metric alert V2
* Removed redundant definition for RetentionPolicy in PSLogProfile [#7608]
* Removed redundant properties difined in PSEventData [#11353]
* Renamed 'Get-AzLog' to 'Get-AzActivityLog'

* Added breaking change attribute to notify that Zone default behaviour will be changed
* Added support for a new top level resource SecurityPartnerProvider
* Added 'RequiredZoneNames' on 'PSPrivateLinkResource' and 'GroupId' on 'PSPrivateEndpointConnection'
* Fixed incorrect type of SuccessThresholdRoundTripTimeMs parameter for New-AzNetworkWatcherConnectionMonitorTestConfigurationObject
* Updated VirtualWan cmdlets to set default value of AllowVnetToVnetTraffic argument to True.
* Added new cmdlets to support DNS zone group for private endpoint

* Updated legacy code to apply new generated SDK
* Deleted cmdlets due to deprecated APIs
* Added parameters for 'Set-AzOperationalInsightsWorkspace' and 'New-AzOperationalInsightsWorkspace'
* Created cmdlets for Linked Stoarge Account
* Created cmdlets for Clusters and Linked Service

* Azure Site Recovery added support for protecting proximity placement group virtual machines for Azure to Azure provider.
* Azure Site Recovery added support for zone to zone replication.
* Azure Backup Added Long term retention support for Azure FileShare Recovery Points.
* Azure Backup Added disk exclusion properties to 'Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupItem' cmdlet output.
* Added private endpoint for Vault credential file for site recovery service.

* Added message warning about view delay when creating a new Role Definition
* Changed policy cmdlets to output strongly-typed objects
* Removed '-TenantLevel' parameter used for on the 'Get-AzResourceLock' cmdlet [#11335]
* Fixed 'Remove-AzResourceGroup -Id ResourceId'[#9882]
* Added new cmdlet for getting ARM template What-If results at resource group scope: 'Get-AzDeploymentResourceGroupWhatIfResult'
* Added new cmdlet for getting ARM template What-If results at subscription scope: 'Get-AzDeploymentWhatIfResult'

* Fixed bug in add certificate using --SecretIdentifier that was getting the wrong certificate thumbprint

* Enhance performance of some cmdlets
* Removed client-side validation of 'RetentionDays' parameter from cmdlet 'Set-AzSqlDatabaseBackupShortTermRetentionPolicy'
* Auditing to a storage account in Vnet, fixing a bug when creating a Storage Blob Data Contributor role.

* Added '-AsJob' to get/list account cmdlet 'Get-AzStorageAccount'
* Make KeyVersion to optional when update Storage account with KeyvaultEncryption, to support key auto-rotation
* Fixed remove Azure File Directory fail with pipeline
* Fixed [#9880]: Change NetWorkRule DefaultAction value defination to align with swagger.
* Fixed [#11624]: Skip duplicated rules when add NetworkRules, to avoid server failure
* Upgraded Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Table SDK to 1.0.7
* Added a warning message to remind user to list again with ContinuationToken when only part items are returned in list DataLake Gen2 Items,
* Supported to create or update Storage account with Azure Files Active Directory Domain Service Authentication
* Supported to new or list Kerberos keys of Storage account
* Supported failover Storage account

* Fixed incorrect profile name in 'DisableAzureTrafficManagerEndpoint' verbose output

* Fixed typo on help of 'Update-AzWebAppAccessRestrictionConfig'.

Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
4.7.0 0 9/22/2020
4.6.1 0 8/28/2020
4.6.0 34,709 8/25/2020
4.5.0 320,794 8/4/2020
4.4.0 299,993 7/14/2020
4.3.0 340,732 6/23/2020
4.2.0 317,224 6/2/2020
4.1.0 (current version) 198,593 5/19/2020
4.0.2-preview 1,972 12/23/2019
4.0.1-preview 594 10/9/2019
3.8.0 593,111 4/21/2020
3.7.0 293,748 3/31/2020
3.6.1 358,362 3/10/2020
3.5.0 318,621 2/18/2020
3.4.0 202,885 2/4/2020
3.3.0 344,181 1/7/2020
3.2.0 325,382 12/17/2019
3.1.0 450,343 11/26/2019
3.0.0 419,314 11/4/2019
2.8.0 427,705 10/15/2019
2.7.0 182,511 9/24/2019
2.6.0 291,753 8/27/2019
2.5.0 310,199 7/30/2019
2.4.0 174,211 7/2/2019
2.3.2 155,993 6/18/2019
2.2.0 77,663 6/4/2019
2.1.0 67,466 5/21/2019
2.0.0 84,717 5/6/2019
1.8.0 306,110 4/23/2019
1.7.0 52,876 4/9/2019
1.6.0 66,118 3/26/2019
1.5.0 55,482 3/12/2019
1.4.0 42,855 2/26/2019
1.3.0 31,077 2/12/2019
1.2.1 24,723 1/31/2019
1.2.0 4,372 1/29/2019
1.1.0 19,620 1/15/2019
1.0.1 33,260 12/18/2018
1.0.0 9,856 12/18/2018
0.10.0-preview 849 4/15/2020
0.7.0 13,935 12/4/2018
0.6.1 8,990 11/21/2018
0.5.0 9,478 11/6/2018
0.4.0 10,846 10/23/2018
0.3.0 10,607 10/9/2018
0.2.2 4,769 9/24/2018
0.1.0 193 8/28/2018
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