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This module adds a provider and cmdlets to access the NT object manager namespace.


PS> Save-Module -Name NtObjectManager -Path <path> -RequiredVersion 1.0.9


PS> Install-Module -Name NtObjectManager -RequiredVersion 1.0.9


See Documentation for more details.

Release Notes

* Made New-Win32Process more generic and added support for Win32k filter enable.
* Added function to capture token from a process using impersonation.
* Added basic support for Desktop and WindowStation objects using Win32u.dll exports.
* Added file locking implementation including async.
* Added hardlink enumeration.
* Added NTFS stream enumeration.
* Deprecated most of the old standalone utilities in favour of PS cmdlets.
* Added cmdlets to create a kernel memory dump, system environment and licensing.
* Additional system calls implemented.
* Added access to secure boot policies and code integrity policies.
* Made Win32 Process creation more generic and added cmdlet.
* Added access check by type including SELF SID.
* Added new cmdlets to do access checking. Many of the old standalone utilities are now deprecated.
* Added cmdlets to create lowbox tokens
* Added list of known capability SIDs and resolve them during name lookup
* Added cmdlet to get a SID
* Added cmdlet to do a standalone access checking
* Reworked the APIs to include non-throwing versions of many of the core Open/Create methods.
* Made NtType more inspectable, includes access enumeration and rationalizes the opening methods.
* Various additional properties such as extended process flags, checking for LPAC
* Rework of access mask handling. Now all low-level APIs use an AccessMask structure which has
  conversion operators to and from other enumerations.
* Various other bug fixes.
* Added cmdlet to filter a Token object.
* Cleanups to various components to make them easier to use from PS
* Added additional Known SIDs
* Unified the variant Get-NtToken* cmdlets into one.
* Added additional token cmdlets such as Logon and Clipboard.
* Added initial support for IO Completion Ports
* Added object creation time property
* Added support to set a process device map
* Added top level CanSynchronize property to NtObject
* Bugs fixes from Rustam Agametov
* Support getting and setting file EA buffe
* Added cmdlet to get NTSTATUS code information
* Support to toggle UIAccess and Virtualization flags on tokens
* Added asynchronous support for file operations using Task APIs
* Added support for virtual memory functions
* Added cmdlet to create named pipes and mailslots.
* Added support for specifying SD as SDDL directly to cmdlets.
* Added thread descriptions for Anniversary edition and above.
* Fixed small bug in handling of IO_STATUS_BLOCK which could result in memory corruption.
* Added support to list directory entries for a file directory.
* Added support to do basic read and writes to a file.
* Added support to disable dynamic code policy on a process.
* Added cmdlets for reparse points.
* Fixes for EA buffer.
* Added service SIDs.
* Added support for removing token privileges.
* Fixed token security attribute parsing.
* Fixed bug in Get-NtThread with -ProcessId
* Added support for FilterScript for Get-NtThread
* Added support for querying thread dynamic code opt-out policy
* Added support for RFG mitigation
Initial release:
* NT Object Manager drive provider
* Cmdlets to directory work with Directorys, Files, Symbolic Links, Events, Semaphores, Processes, Threads, Tokens etc.



James Forshaw


(c) 2016, 2017 Google Inc. All rights reserved.






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NtObjectManager 1.1.5 26 Thursday, November 23 2017
NtObjectManager 1.1.4 47 Tuesday, November 14 2017
NtObjectManager 1.1.3 30 Sunday, November 05 2017
NtObjectManager 1.1.2 60 Wednesday, October 11 2017
NtObjectManager 1.1.1 93 Wednesday, August 30 2017
NtObjectManager 1.1.0 3 Wednesday, August 30 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.9 (this version) 66 Saturday, August 19 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.8 35 Monday, August 07 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.7 91 Wednesday, June 14 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.6 150 Wednesday, May 24 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.5 8 Wednesday, May 24 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.4 19 Wednesday, May 17 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.3 72 Thursday, February 23 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.2 27 Wednesday, February 08 2017
NtObjectManager 1.0.1 84 Thursday, November 03 2016
NtObjectManager 1.0 53 Tuesday, November 01 2016